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Orgasmic foreplay kit 1 reviews

30 reviews
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30 reviews

This is great concept that was poorly executed. It's riddled with flaws, from the cheap materials and shoddy craftsmanship, to the bad design. Let's not forget the WEAK vibration, too! Keep looking and get a toy worth having!

I love my rabbit. Jelly gets a lot of hassle, and for the most part I disagree. The OFK, on the other hand, is not the best use of the jelly material. The shaft almost has a plastic instead of a soft rubber feel to it, but that's not a deal breaker.

Is it just me, or does jelly stink both literally and figuratively? The vibrating beads and rotating head might be fantastic, but they can't make up for the poor quality of this kit overall. Save yourself the headache, and find another rabbit made of better material.

For anyone who wants to try a few different toys without spending a lot, this is the way to go. It is powerful, not too big, and who doesn't love pink! The only thing holding me back from giving it 5 stars, is the jelly.

This item, although not on my top list of things to buy, is worth getting into. It's a pack for god sakes and it's great for any girl who really doesn't know what she likes. In that aspect, it's good to have so many options in a bundle. All you would need to do is load up on some batteries to get yourself started.

This kit is a really good deal if you want to experiment with a couple of toys at a very low price. The power these toys put out is more than decent, I just wish they weren't made of jelly.

Gets the job done if your looking for a mild quickie. Rotation of the head will sure give you the pleasure you are seeking.

A great pairing of two types of toys for a great price as well. The perfect set for beginners or someone looking to experiment with a new style of vibrators.

I picked this up as a free gift not long ago, and I seem to have a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I adore that the direction of the rotation can be changed, and I love that I don't have to use the rotation to use the clitoral arm. On the other, I absolutely hate the material. Why couldn't they have made this out of something a bit more body safe?

The Orgasmic Foreplay Kit 1 does have things going for it: it has variety, is strong, and offers multiple uses and functions. However, it's a pain to clean and is poorly made. Since it was a freebie and the bullet was nice, it'll get 2 stars.

The Orgasmic Foreplay Kit is perfect for those new to rabbit vibrators, you are able to try it out, experience a bullet and probe or just the bullet alone and have money left over for other items as well. The vibrator and probe are jelly, so make sure you either use a condom or keep this for yourself. I found them to be a fun addition to our collection but will get higher quality items to replace them eventually. This was a great introduction to rabbit vibrators!

I love this set! It is great for beginners and for those who are more experienced. I am sad to say that the jelly does collect small fur/etc. but other than that this product is AMAZING!

I love this set! The pearls feel amazing when they are moving around, especially when you combine them with the other great functions this toy has. The quality of this rabbit is top notch, even though I cannot say much for the remote control that comes with the set that controls the vibrator and the bullet(it is sort of chinky). I would give this whole set a rating of 4 ½ stars if I could. But sadly I have to round down to 4 stars since half stars are not available.

If you're just looking to experiment (and possibly be left unsatisfied) this is a good place for you to start. However, the jelly toys included in this kit are cheaply designed, lack power, and left me fairly disappointed unless I wanted to engage in incredibly long solo sessions where your arm gets tired of holding up the all-to-heavy rabbit vibe! High hopes will likely be dashed on this kit. But, at the reasonably low price, it might be worth your experiment.

With a non-draggy and super smooth texture, featuring strong vibes & awesome rotation, this one is ideal for women with average-to-far spaced vaginas. This kit is a great idea for anyone wanting to add to their collection and it's super cute! I would also definitely recommend this set to anyone looking to buy a good rabbit vibrator, without spending a paycheck. The included probe and bullet are great bonuses as well and allow for wonderful anal stimulation, or whatever your lady bits fancy.

If you're looking for an inexpensive variety of toys to let you know which type you like better, give this one a try. It's inexpensive, and has enough function to it to let you know which types of toys you prefer. If you're looking for something that's going to actually last you for the long-haul, and will get you there every time, you may want to keep shopping.

The Orgasmic Foreplay Kit is a good value for three toys in one kit. You get a rotating and vibrating bunny vibe, a probe, and a bullet. The rotation on the rabbit vibe was perfect for G-spot stimulation while the bunny (or is it a butterfly?), attached on the front provided perfect clitoral stimulation. Unfortunately this toy is made from jelly; if it was made from a better material I would have rated it higher.

This kit is definitely worth it and I give it 5 stars. Though the packaging is not the best, it's still simple to store. I easily achieve an orgasm with this vibrator and prefer it to all of my other vibrators that I've tried thus far. The shaft rotation stimulates the g-spot as the butterfly vibrates against the clit, making the orgasm mind blowing and leaves the user feel quite relaxed afterwards.

Cute design and a nice kit for beginners but the rabbit vibe is heavy and has a very loud rotating function. Over all I wouldn't recommend this product.

I think that if you are interested in exploring the world of toys without investing too much cash this is the kit for you. For under $40, you really cannot go wrong giving these devices a try.

This toy is not one to complete your collection, and I wouldn't recommend it for first timers — it just didn't blow my mind enough. It is, however, definitely capable of getting the job done with ease. The real question comes when you’ve already done so — Where the heck do I put this thing?

This is a kit that's not going to make you scream. It's loud and indiscreet and obviously not well made. But if you are looking for a cheap way to buy a variety of goods and don't mind the bad craftsmanship, this toy is pretty and easy to clean.

In conclusion, I enjoyed playing with this toy, and my partner loves to watch me use it. It has a nice texture and very powerful vibe.

Overall, I enjoyed this product, and it was a nice introduction to toys for myself. Next time, I think I will spring for a safer material and higher quality.

This was a wonderful, and exciting toy and worth every penny! It was great for my first rabbit type toy, and I would recommend it to anyone else who is thinking about checking out the rabbit realm! It was exciting when I bought it, and I still get excited over it now!

This item is a really great value for the amount of pleasure you can get out of it. I would definitely recommend this for beginners, it has worked out wonderfully for me.

This is great for a beginner looking to try new toys, or just and advanced user wanting to expand the toy box. It includes 3 types of toys with infinite possibilities on each one, that's the magic of toys: the limit begins where your imagination ends. The toys are well built and sturdy enough to last quite a while, and for 40 bucks you get 3 great toys, what more can you ask for :D! It is kind of loud so people with privacy concerns beware!! PS: NOT waterproof

As a sex toy newbie, I found this kit to be a good starting point. It has several different components to play with, so you can figure out what works for you and your partner. Going it alone, the multi-speed rotating rabbit vibrator brought me to climax every time. The rotations were, in particular, quite nice! The micro-stimulator and probe sleeve made for fun additions into coupled action as well. Plus the cost is relatively low, so you avoid buyer's remorse if you aren't pleased with it.

Definitely worth it, this toy has a large and powerful variety of uses. It is long-lasting and a great value!

With the sensation of the rabbit ears on my clit, the rotation in my pussy and the deep vibration in my backside, it took only minutes before my fingers were wound in the sheets and my toes were curled.

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