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Is it a bunny or a butterfly?

The Orgasmic Foreplay Kit is a good value for three toys in one kit. You get a rotating and vibrating bunny vibe, a probe, and a bullet. The rotation on the rabbit vibe was perfect for G-spot stimulation while the bunny (or is it a butterfly?), attached on the front provided perfect clitoral stimulation. Unfortunately this toy is made from jelly; if it was made from a better material I would have rated it higher.
Multiple uses
Three toys in the kit (rabbit, probe, bullet)
Made from jelly
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The Orgasmic Foreplay Kit is an offering from Cal Exotics that includes three different toys: a rabbit style vibrator, a bullet that can be used by itself or with the included jelly probe. The rabbit vibe offers both G-spot and clitoral stimulation, the shaft rotates stimulating the G-spot while the bunny attachment vibrates to stimulate your clit. The bullet included can be used without the probe sleeve on it to stimulate multiple erogenous zones: run it over your nipples, your clit or labia, or even use it to tease your man's most sensitive parts. You can place the included jelly sleeve over the bullet to use it as a probe. I would only suggest the probe for vaginal use, as it does not have a flared base to make it safe for anal play, and the cord attached to the bullet should not be relied upon for retrieval should the probe disappear into the rectum during anal use. The cord could be pulled out of the bullet, requiring a very embarrassing trip to the ER to have the toy removed. Also, the Orgasmic Foreplay Kit is made from jelly, which is porous and cannot be sanitized, so if you probe you backdoor with the toy, cover it with a condom as it can trap bacteria that is unsafe to introduce into the vagina. The Foreplay Kit is not waterproof, so if you are looking for a bath buddy, this isn't it.
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Orgasmic foreplay kit is made from jelly and plastic, with the soft squishy parts being made from jelly and the hard smooth parts made from plastic. Jelly only rates a 2 on the Eden Fantasys' safety scale: it is very porous, cannot be fully disinfected, and contains phthalates. Jelly toys are made from polyvinyl chloride: phthalates are used in the manufacturing process to soften and increase the flexibility of the material. There are health concerns associated with using toys containing phthalates, as phthalates are not chemically bonded to the PVC and can leach from the toy into your body during use. There are a whole bunch of health concerns associated with exposure to phthalates, including but not limited to endocrine disruption and carcinogenic effects. Some people have also had really bad reactions to jelly materials; getting a rash where you will be using this toy does not sound like a fun time. I highly encourage anyone who plans on using this toy, or any jelly toy, to research jelly and phthalates and make a decision for yourself on whether or not you feel safe using toys with this material. You could also cover the toy with a condom for a little extra protection. As jelly is porous and cannot be sanitized, if you plan on sharing this toy, cover it with a condom anyways. The jelly material has a very chemically smell to it when first opening up the package, and I have not been able to get it to go away with repeat washings. Also, the toy had a oily film to it upon receiving it; this did wash off. The bullet and the controls for the vibes are made from plastic, which is considerably more safe than jelly. Plastic is non-porous and phthalate free.

The texture on this toy has me thoroughly confused. Why does the bunny have butterfly wings? What's with all the fruit? So we will start at the top of the rabbit vibe and work our way down. Shortly after the smooth bulbous head, there are a few rings around the base of the head of the toy.

After the rings come the beads that rotate around and provide added stimulation. The beads are not attached to anything and just kind of move around on their own. They look like faux pearls, they even have little holes drilled in them for stringing through a necklace. The pearls are covered by a thin layer of jelly material and can be easily felt during use.

Towards the bottom of the shaft before the bunny attaches, there are several different varieties of fruit embossed in the material. You will find pears, apples, a pineapple, and grapes. This left me scratching my head: am I supposed to feed the bunny?
apple and pears

Then the bunny attachment, it is shaped like a typical bunny, with the two little bunny ears, but then it has butterfly wings stamped on the side of it. Is it a bunny or a butterfly? I'm still confused.
bunny's wings

The rest of rabbit vibe is texture-free smooth plastic. Then the other toy included in this set, the bullet and probe sleeve. The jelly probe sleeve is perfectly smooth with no texture, the plastic bullet is smooth as well, but does have a noticeable seam that circles around the middle of the bullet.
    • Porous
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

There are three pieces to this kit: the rabbit vibe, the bullet, and the jelly probe sleeve that goes over the bullet. First, the rabbit: it is 10 inches long, with an insertable length of 6 inches. The insertable shaft is 4.5 inches in circumference. The bunny attached to the front of the vibe is 4 inches long, with 1 inch ears. There is a large base with the controls that are 4 inches long and 7 inches in circumference. The bunny (or butterfly) is supposed to stimulate your clit while the shaft of the toy is inserted vaginally. Depending on how far you insert the toy, or how far your clit is from your vagina, you can get stimulation from either the ears of the bunny, or the bunny's face or body. The bunny is very flexible and can bend away from the shaft of the vibe a fair bit.
rabbit vibe

two bunnies
(Size comparison with the Vibrating Bunny Performer)

The bullet has an egg at one end of a 29 inch cord and a pink control panel at the other. The egg shaped bullet is 2.25 inches long and 3.25 inches in circumference. The jelly sleeve that goes over the bullet is 6.5 inches long, all of that being insertable, with a 2 inch circumference tip which gradually widens out to 3.5 inches in circumference. You can use the bullet by itself or use it with the jelly probe sleeve over it.
probe on bullet

Functions / Performance / Controls

Again, we will start with the rabbit vibe. The rabbit is powered by four AA batteries: that's right, four, and no, they are not included. The shaft of the vibe rotates and the beads inside rotate as well, while the bunny vibrates. The rotation goes either from right to left or left to right, and the bunny vibrates with two speeds, low and high. The functions are controlled by several different buttons on the control panel. You press down on one button to turn on the vibrations in the bunny, and then press down on another button to change the intensity from low to high. There is an illustration on the controls to let you know if the button up or down is low or high. There is another button to turn on and off the rotation, and a separate button to change the direction of the vibrations. All of this is fairly noisy, I would say that you might even be able to hear this toy through a closed door, you would definitely be able to hear this one through a blanket. Also this toy is not waterproof, so you can only use this bunny on dry land.
controls on rabbit

The bullet is powered by two AA batteries, and is controlled by a remote connected to the bullet by the 29 inch cord; it is not wireless. The bullet has two vibration intensities: low and high, and while not quite as loud as the rabbit vibe, it is still pretty noisy. The jelly sleeve transmits the vibrations pretty well when it is in place over the bullet.
bullet controls

Care and Maintenance

Since jelly is so porous, meticulous cleaning is a must with this toy. The downside: the Orgasmic Foreplay Kit is not waterproof. I would suggest careful cleaning with warm water and antibacterial soap, being careful not to get water near the controls or battery compartment on the rabbit, and the cord on the bullet. The material safety page for jelly here on Eden cautions against using strong soaps on jelly. Jelly cannot be boiled or sanitized so if you plan on sharing, cover the toys with a condom.

Jelly toys should be stored in a cool dark place, separate from any other toys. Jelly can melt together with other toys ruining anything it may come in contact with during storage. You would hate to ruin a nice silicone toy by storing it next to a jelly toy and having the jelly melt onto the high quality silicone piece. Also the odor from jelly seems to leech from the toy and can make other items storage around it smell as well. Personally I store mine in freezer zip lock baggies under my bed.


The Orgasmic Foreplay Kit came packaged in a simple sealed plastic bag with some black lettering on it. After you cut or tear into it to get your toy out, it is no longer really useful for storage. In fact, I would recommend finding a two separate sealable plastic bags to store these toys in since jelly toys can melt together during storage.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet


The rabbit included in this kit was my first toy that rotated. At first, I was worried that without vibrations in the shaft, the toy wouldn't really do much for me. I went into it without very high expectations. I was so wrong; the rotation of the shaft seemed to stimulate my G-spot just right and I was very pleasantly surprised by the strong orgasm that the rabbit gave me. Since, I have been looking into rotating toys in higher quality materials. I really wasn't impressed with the probe cover included in this kit; I do like to experience double penetration when playing with my toys, but since the probe is not anal safe it is not something that I will use concurrently with the rabbit vibe, and it didn't do much for me with vaginal penetration. I have removed the probe sleeve from the bullet and will continue to use the bullet by itself for external stimulation and teasing. Overall, I was pleased with the performance of the rabbit vibe. If it was made from a higher quality and safer material than jelly, I would rate it higher than 3 stars.
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