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Butterfly power!

This was a wonderful, and exciting toy and worth every penny! It was great for my first rabbit type toy, and I would recommend it to anyone else who is thinking about checking out the rabbit realm! It was exciting when I bought it, and I still get excited over it now!
Clitoral stimulation is through the roof! So cute! Love the design!
Jelly- ick!
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So! I have never owned a rabbit style vibrator before, but have always wanted to try one. This kit was relatively cheap and came with the probe and egg, so it was perfect for me! I love this product, and can't wait to explore further into the realm of rabbits! HA!

This is a multi-purpose rabbit vibrator. The first time it was used, my partner was the one operating the toy. It was wonderful! This rabbit is great for solo play, or with your partner right there with you. It is great for foreplay, or just to get your rocks off right then and there. Personally, after this toy brought me multiple orgasms, I was the one who just wanted to go to sleep! HA!

Being a first time rabbit user, I can personally say that it was wonderful for the first time user. I don't think it is the best idea for a more experienced user, unless you are just looking to expand the collecting without breaking the bank!

This toy is amazing at clitoral stimulation, as well as G-spot and vaginal entrance stimulation. The probe and egg are great multi-purpose stimulants, but personally I don't think that the probe put out enough vibrations to really be useful. But I will go into more depth on all of this in a minute!

Material / Texture

RABBIT- This toy is made out of jelly, a very smooth and soft material. It did have that typical jelly scent right out of the packaging, but that was expected so no biggie. And out of the packaging it was oily and slippery, and left a strange residue on my fingers, which I did not expect. I have one other jelly toy and it had the scent but not the strange residue on it. I would not recommend tasting it, because it IS jelly.

The butterfly part is textured, but only to add to the butterfly appearance. Towards the top of the toy, it is slightly ribbed to add to the experience. The area with the beads is also textured with large oval shaped raised areas. And below the pearls, there are fruit shaped textured patches just for the aesthetic point of view. And at the head of the toy, it is smooth and non-textured. All of the texturing besides the fruits and the butterfly are stimulating in their own different ways. It would not be half of the toy it is without the wonderful texturing. With all the different textures however, it is not intimidating at all. In fact, it is very basic and perfect for first timers like myself. A more experienced user would probably want something more intense.

PROBE- The probe is also made out of jelly. It also came with the same scent and strange residue as the rabbit toy did. It is smooth from top to bottom, with no texturing at all.

Design / Shape / Size

RABBIT- This toy is 10" tall from the very top to the very bottom. It has a 6" insertable length. My opinion of it is that it is neither too small or too big. The size of it was perfect for my body as well as experience level. The butterfly's antenna were an absolute powerhouse of vibrations on my clit. The butterfly and antenna rested perfectly against the clit, and worked wonderfuly. The thickness of it was also perfect for me. With a 1 1/2" diameter it had me feeling pleasurably full inside. I do not think that I would want a toy much bigger than this for a first time, or maybe any time after this for that matter.

This is a rabbit vibrator with a large control panel on the base, so it is absolutely not discreet, or easy to hide. It is more for in the bedroom or bathroom play, not on the go discreet play.

PROBE- I liked the very basic design of this probe for stimulating the nipples, or clit, or other external areas. It really didn't do much for me when inserted vaginally, it just made my anal cavity next door vibrate and I'm just not a fan of that! This toy is pretty small, only 6 1/2" tall with a 6 1/4" insertable length. But it really isn't all the powerful or suitable for travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

RABBIT- This toy has the head that rotates along with the beads, and can also change directions with the beads. There are two buttons on the control panel that allow you to turn the head and beads on and off, and change the direction of the head and beads. The butterfly has two buttons all to itself that turn the vibrations on and off, and also switch to high or low intensity. The butterfly is the only thing on this toy that vibrates, the other parts are simply motion. The controls are very easy to use after you play around with the toy for a minute. The butterfly vibrations are not loud at all, but when you turn on the beads and head, it is loud! But if you are at home alone, then who cares! And NO this toy is not waterproof, so keep it away from water.

Personally, I like to turn the butterfly onto high, and mess around with the rotation of the head and beads. The butterfly antenna are the best part of this toy. I'm big on clitoral stimulation, and this toy gives me that times 10! The beads do feel wonderful as well though, as well as the rotating head. It is all together simply orgasmic!

PROBE- The probe is ran by a remote with the settings; high, low, off. Simple as that! I have tried removing the egg from the probe sleeve, but its hard enough to try getting out, so i just leave the thing in there. Thats how it came so oh well. The probe is not enough by itself for real excitement, and especially not on the low setting, so I only use it for tickling and teasing! This toy isn't waterproof either, and it isn't noisy at all.

Care and Maintenance

RABBIT- To clean this toy is relatively easy, it just takes a minute. I like to use warm water and some toy cleaner. You can use soap too, but it is recommended to only use a mild soap. You kind of have to scrub into the ridges and texturing, but it's not hard, just takes an extra second or two. Make sure not to get any water into the battery compartment. It is also wise to take the batteries out completely before washing.

Because this toy is jelly, it cannot be boiled for sterilization. So throw a condom over it, or don't plan on sharing. After it's all said and done let it dry on a clean towel. I store in a large plastic baggie and keep it in a dark drawer. It will collect hair and dust if you don't store it right.

This toy is compatible with water and silicone based lubricants!

PROBE- Basically the same exact thing as the rabbit. Just be careful with the wires around water. It would be best to get the egg out before washing, but if not just be wary of it.

**Just as a note, I would highly recommend washing this toy a few times before using!


These toys came together wrapped in air tight packaging plastic, inside of a very basic box. The box featured the usual porn star moaning in delight! HA! I did not keep the box, and I don't think anyone else would either. The kit came with a nice little leaflet of instructions that I read through, and found very helpful.

Personal comments

Gosh, I really love the vibrant pink color of this toy! It's so feminine! I think probably 90% of my toys are pink. HA!

The VROOM rating that I gave it was solely based on the vibration power of the butterfly. The stars reflect the toy overall. And the BEE rating is obviously because of the beads and head.
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