Orgasmic foreplay kit 1 - vibrator kit by Cal Exotics - review by Mwar

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UnHoly Tri-atrimony

The Orgasmic Foreplay Kit 1 does have things going for it: it has variety, is strong, and offers multiple uses and functions. However, it's a pain to clean and is poorly made. Since it was a freebie and the bullet was nice, it'll get 2 stars.
Poorly Made
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Oh... orgasmic foreplay kit. What can I say? For an adventurous couple that is very comfortable with each other, this could be a good first kit. Sure, it's jelly and not made of the best quality, but for a stepping stone... it could. If you're looking to surprise your lover and you're both new to sex toys, this kit may be something for you. Still, if you're better off saving some cash and buying something better. (the unbiasedness is slipping!) Really, just buy something better.

The Orgasmic Foreplay kit 1 comes with a rabbit vibrator, an anal probe, and a bullet with a remote.

The Rabbit has both a rotating and vibrating functions. It has a butterfly-bunny clitoral attachment. It has some texture, length, and girth. The rabbit can stimulate the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. The rabbit is best geared for solo time, since it is large and would be hard to use during sex.

The anal probe is slender and basic. The base of it is hollow so the buller can be inserted. The probe is very flimsy and probably impossible to insert. It doesn't have a flared base. It only has a little lip of jelly that will probably do nothing to prevent it from slipping inside. The probe doesn't seem to be made for complete insertion because of this, so you're best with only using it as a warm up to either a larger toy or anal sex. Even if the probe were to accidentally slip in, there may be hop of retrieval if the bullet was in the probe.

The bullet is plastic, pretty darn strong and helps to redeem this kit (a bit). The remote it is attached to is very basic and cheap. The bullet has a lo and Hi setting and can be used in the anal probe, vaginally, or externally. It's the most versatile piece of this kit.

The set is not the best for those who need discretion. The kit takes up space and isn't very quiet. Beginners might get something out of this set if they are not intimidated by the appearance of the hulking rabbit. Anyone who is an intermediate or advanced user would probably hit me if I told them this was a good choice for them. It's cheap and clumsy in multiple ways.

Honestly: I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.
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Material / Texture

Jelly. Yes. Jelly. The rabbit and probe are made of it. It's not even decent jelly. There are some jelly products that don't have films, residues, and don't smell like a factory. But this kit comes with all the qualms of evil jelly.

The residue is strong with this one. The residue was so ridiculous that you could see that the residue on the toy fouled up the plastic packaging it came in. You could draw a sad face with the amount of residue on this kit. After opening it, I immediately washed it with a mild soap and water. Then I washed it again. And again. I will admit, the residue wasn't as bad as when I first got it, but it still is present. You can see it on the jelly if you hold the toys to the light. If this bothers you, use a condom over the toys (it's best to do that anyway, since it is jelly).

Odor: while I don't expect jelly toys to be odorless, I expect the smell, even if strong, to dissipate after a while. This one did compared to when I first got it, but it's still there. Light a candle before you use this toy if you want to limit the chance of catching a whiff.

Jelly ranks low at a 2 on the safety scale. It is porous, meaning that it's impossible to sanitize it, share safely, or ever get it clean completely. The porousness allows for bacteria and other nasties to grow in the toy, which will make it degrade over time quicker compared to other toys. The jelly is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). One of the main products industries add to PVC is phthalates. I'm not going to say this kit contains them, but it doesn't explicitly say it doesn't. Take this info how you will. In general phthalates (certain ones) are known to cause reproductive and birth defects in lab animal studies. Jelly is also not hypoallergenic compared to other products, so be warned!

The bullet appears to made out of plastic, which ranks usually ay a 7 or 8 on the scale. It doesn't have a seam that runs around its middle, so debris can accumulate there. Also, the remote and control handle of the rabbit are made of smooth plastic.


Rabbit: this rabbit has a funky texture. it is shaped somewhat realistic with a circumcised head and shaft. After the head are some ribs. After that are the rotating beads. After the beads are funky fruit designs like a pineapple and grapes, etc. The fruit on the toy is more for show since you won't be able to insert this toy beyond the attachment. You can feel the ribs and beads, but they are not overwhelming or painful. If anything, it's always good to add some lube (since this toy does have drag). The rabbit overall has little give. It rotates, but other than that, it stays where you put it.

Clitoral Attachment: a rabbit with butterfly wings. He is flexible and can be bent back or forward a considerable amount. The ears are meant to fit on either side of the clitoris.

Probe: smooth and tapered with a base that should be more flared.

Bullet: smooth except seam around its middle. Can be felt but not horrible. Overall, the texture of the kit is beginner friendly. Those who are looking for texture in general can find something better.
    • Porous
    • Sticky

Design / Shape / Size

First, here's a picture of everything so you can see what I'm walking about:

Rabbit: basic, typical styles rabbit. The design is funky, and it is large! As you can see, this thing is almost size of my forearm! This hulking thing is 10 inches long with an insertable length of 6.25 inches. This is not a very beginner friendly size and it looks intimidating. The girth is about 4.75 inches around, so if you prefer slender toys, this is not for you. The length wouldn't be as bad if you didn't have to get to the rabbit attachment at the end.

Probe: flawed. It should have a base. It's not designed for long wear or to be worn during intercourse. It slips out easily and it flimsy to put in, even if the buller adds some stability at the base. It's long at about 6 inches and thin, with it's widest point at about 3.75 inches. Still, it's thinner toward the top, at probably a low 3 inches.

Bullet: basic. The bullet is a manageable beginner friendly size with a width of 3.75 inched around. The remote is really cheap. I'm cool with transparent toys if it looks nice. As you can see in the picture, you see a chip, a couple of wires soldered together and... that's it. There was no care in making this toy.

Here are all the toys compared to a pen.

Overall, this set isn't made for travel. The rabbit is huge. The bullet or probe is easier to carry if anything. This kit is far from discreet in terms of sound an appearance. The toy is 3-4 Bees in noise. If using this with other around, it's best to turn on some music or the TV during use. This is not made for those who need quiet toys.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Rabbit: Here's a picture of the controls

The rotating function of the rabbit is independent of the vibration. You can have one or both of them on, based on your preference. There is a motor for each function. Each motor has an on and off button. The vibration function has a Hi or Lo option while the rotation has a clockwise/counter-clockwise option. The vibrations are rumbly and do travel. It just feels like your taking off to the moon because of the noise. The rotation function turns the beads and moves the head of the toy around at an angle. The rotation motor has a higher pitched, screechy, sound. The vibrations are standard and are either low or high intensity. The Vrooms range from around a High 2 to a Low 4 on the scale. This toy can hit your G-spot, but if you're hoping for consistent stimulation, you won't get it while it's rotating.

The motors are placed well, and the vibrating one is placed toward the base of the toy. The rabbit gets most of the vibrations to please the clitoris (again, if you can reach the attachment).

Bullet: By itself, the bullet is quite powerful. At high, it's a solid 4 Vrooms. Contrary to other bullets, this one produces some deep, rumbly, traveling vibes. While not fond of the remote, it offers both a low and hi setting (3-4 Vrooms). If placed in the anal probe, it is pleasurable and intense since bullet in anal toys are generally weak and buzzy. (The one thing they got right).

Probe: doesn't vibrate on its own and is hollow at the bottom for the bullet.

These toys are not waterproof (save the probe without the bullet). The battery cages are like ones you find on the TV remote. There is no O-ring or protection from water. The rabbit takes 4 AA batteries and the remote takes 2 AA batteries. It's a lot of batteries to be using on such a toy. The bullet seems to hold its batteries well. The rabbit is a bit of a guzzler. In general, the controls are easy to use and master.
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance


You're best off using condoms with this, even if you never intend to share these toys. This prevents any possible allergic reactions, prevents the jelly from degrading quicker, and is healthier. The residue is a pain. Make sure you wrap this toy and keep it separate from other toys. Jelly can mess up the coating of silicone toys and can contaminate other toys you already cleaned.

The rabbit has texture, so take care cleaning it of debris if you don't use a condom. For all the jelly toys, mild soap and water is your best bet (or toy cleaner, if you have some). Jelly can't be boiled, even if it didn't have electrical components. The bullet has a seam that just kills me because you can see all the gunk that collects there. Use your nail or a toothpick to clean anything in the seam. Since the toys are not waterproof, try to keep the battery cages form getting wet. The bullet, however, seems to handle water all right.

Both silicone and water based lubricants can be used with these toys. Always store jelly toys wrapped up and out of contact with other toys in a cool dry place to help the material last. If storing for long periods of time, it's best to remove the batteries.
    • High maintenance


An Eden Freebie, the kit comes in a clear plastic bag. It's minimal, not discreet, and is not designed for storage. There are no instructions that come with the toy. Since you shouldn't buy this as a gift, we don't have to worry about gifting (get a drawstring bag with a sparate one for the probe if anything).
    • Minimal

Personal comments

Eh... what to say about this kit?

It isn't horrible. But it's not great. Here's my score for each component and why.

Rabbit: 2 Stars - it has a smell, bad residue, the attachment is too deep down, and it's monstrous. It is strong and has to motors. It would have gotten 3 stars if it were easier to reach the attachment.

Probe without bullet in it: 1 Star - it's flimsy, slips out, is annoying to insert, and is not safe. With the bullet it bumps to 2 stars.

Bullet: 3 Stars - it's strong, can be used in multiple ways, and helps add some stability and zest to the probe. The remote is cheaply made and it has a crappy seam.


My best friend and I have had more fun hitting each other with this rabbit more than anything. She hits me with the nite warmer, I hit her with this. I wield the kit's rabbit like a light saber and head into the battle with it. This is where most of my enjoyment comes from the toy. I swear, you could seriously injure someone with this thing if you wanted.

If this was a freebie again, I would give it away to a friend who knows I occasionally get things on Eden. I wouldn't go out and buy this as a gift.
Follow-up commentary
This one just doesn't do it for me, but I guess it work for those who want a kit to make things more affordable to let them experiment. I believe I gave this to a theater friend. Who knows what he'll do with it.
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