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Orgasmic, But Flawed

I picked this up as a free gift not long ago, and I seem to have a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I adore that the direction of the rotation can be changed, and I love that I don't have to use the rotation to use the clitoral arm. On the other, I absolutely hate the material. Why couldn't they have made this out of something a bit more body safe?
Direction of rotation can be changed, Fairly powerful
Awful material, Slight odor, A little loud, Takes up a lot of room
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Before I begin, I want to say that I received this item as a free gift. This isn't a toy that I would've purchased on my own for a few reasons. Firstly, rabbit vibrators rarely do it for me. Secondly, this toy is made out of jelly, which is a material that I tend to avoid. When I saw this was available as a free gift for a limited time, I decided...why not give it a try? I'm glad I gave it a try, but it's still nothing I would've paid money (or points) for.

Okay, so moving on. This set includes a rabbit vibrator, an egg vibrator with a detachable controller, and a sort of probe sleeve/cover for the egg. The fact that this comes with multiple pieces makes the toy a great choice for those that don't really know what they like yet. I mean, it's pretty much 3 possible toys for the price of one, so...not bad.

The rabbit vibrator is meant to stimulate both your g-spot and your clitoris at the same time. The problem with rabbit vibrators is that they're not one size fits all, which means it may or may not work with your anatomy. This one works okay with my anatomy, but it's not great. Anyway, if it does work with your anatomy, the rotating shaft is going to provide stimulation for your g-spot, while the flexible clitoral arm is meant to vibrate against your clitoris. The great thing about the rabbit vibrator is that you can control the shaft rotation and the clitoral arms vibration separately.

Next up we have the egg. The egg arrived with the sleeve/cover on it, and I have not been able to get the cover off. I have seen other reviews where the users were able to get it off, so I'm guessing it's just mine that seems to be really stuck on. If you do manage to get the cover off, the egg vibrator is great for clitoral stimulation. You could also technically use it vaginally, but I would recommend putting the egg vibrator inside of a condom, in order to ensure that it doesn't get stuck inside you.

Lastly there is the probe sleeve/cover. The cover is meant to on the egg. You can use the probe and egg combination to stimulate your clitoris, or to provide some vaginal stimulation. Be aware, however, that the probe is quite thin, so size queens will not be impressed.

As for anal use? I don't recommend using this toy anally due to the poor material. If you do choose to you any of it anally, the rabbit could technically be anal safe, due to the shape (the rabbit arm will keep it from getting stuck in your bum). Still, I'd say put a condom over the rabbit if you choose to experiment with it anally.

Material / Texture

This toy is made primarily out of jelly, which rates as two on Eden's safety scale. As you can tell by the rating, jelly isn't a very safe material to use. This is because jelly is extremely porous. Another problem with jelly toys is that they contain phthalates, which are chemical softeners, and can be harmful to the body. Considering this, it's not surprising to find that some people have bad reactions to jelly toys. For this reason, I won't use this toy without a condom covering it.

Anyway, I say it's mostly made out of jelly because the actual bullet, the controller, and the base of the rabbit vibrator all seem to be made out of plastic. The rest of the toy, however, is jelly -- which is a real shame.

The jelly material on both the probe and the rabbit is very, very soft and squishy. In fact, on the head of the rabbit vibrator, the jelly is almost loose. I mean, I can pull it, and even fold the jelly material. Towards the base of the rabbit vibrator, the jelly is a bi more snug against the firm base, so the lower half the toy doesn't have nearly as much squish as the top of the toy does.

The rabbit vibrator features a lot of texture, so it's not a good choice for those who don't care for texture. The head of the vibrator is smooth, but just blow that there are little ridges that go around the toy. There are also beads in the shaft of the toy, which can easily be felt through the material when the shaft is rotating. Towards the bottom of the shaft, there is also texture, though that texture cannot be felt while the toy is in use.

The clitoral arm on the rabbit vibrator is incredibly flexible. The head of the clitoral arm is also very soft, though the lower body of the clitoral arm is firm; this is due to the fact that the bullet is located right in the lower half of the clitoral arm.

The probe attachment is flexible and soft to the touch.

The egg is made out of a smooth, shiny plastic. The plastic on the controller and the base of the rabbit vibrator is also quite smooth, though that plastic is transparent in color, enabling you to see the insides of the toy.

As for smell and taste? This toy definitely has both a scent and taste to it. The scent isn't as strong as some other jelly toys that I've used in the past, but it's still apparent.

Design / Shape / Size

The sizes of all of the pieces is decent enough. The rabbit vibrator measures about 10" in length, with 6 1/4" of that being insertable. It's also 1 1/2" in diameter, so it's not very intimidating. It's a good choice for both beginners and advanced users, size wise.

The design of the vibrator is okay, but it's not perfect. As I noted previously, rabbit vibrators are not one size fits most. This vibrator fit me okay, but it won't fit everyone properly. For the most part, the rabbit vibrator is firm and straight, but it does get softer once it gets closer to the head. It also bulges out a little bit at the top of the vibrator.

The clitoral arm is listed as being a butterfly, though it looks something like a rabbit, too. The rabbit clitoral is very flexible -- in fact, it might even be too flexible. I mean, I can flex the clitoral arm all the way back with ease. The butterfly antennas, or the bunny ears (whichever it is), stimulates the clitoris well, but they don't offer a whole lot of pressure.

The probe measures about 6" long, and 1 1/4" in circumference at the widest point. For me, the probe was too flexible to provide much pleasure, both internally and externally.

The toy is not discreet looking, as it really can't be anything other than a sex toy. The toy is also a bit big, so hiding it can be difficult.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The rabbit vibrators controls are located on the lower half of the toy, on the base. The base features four buttons. One button turns the rotation on and off, whereas another button changes the direction of the rotation. There is only one speed for the rotation, but it's nice that you can choose what direction you want it to go in.

There are also two buttons that control the vibrations of the clitoral arm. One button turns the vibrations on and off, whereas the other is used to change the speed of the vibration. There are, unfortunately, only two vibration speeds: high, and low. If you turn the vibration off while it's at high speed, the vibrator remembers what you left off at and starts at high when you turn it back on.

At the highest vibration level, I would say that this about 4 vrooms and 3 bees. At the lowest vibration level, it's about 4 vrooms. With both the vibration and the rotation on, it goes to about 4 vrooms.

As for the egg vibrator, it has three settings: off, low, and high. The high setting is around 4 vrooms, whereas the low one feels like it's about 2 1/2 vrooms. To control the settings on the egg vibrator, you simply slide the switch.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning this toy is fairly easily, though you should keep in mind that this toy cannot be sterilized.

In order to clean this toy, you should use warm water and antibacterial soap. Be careful with water though, as this toy is not waterproof. You can also use a toy cleaning wipe, which is what I prefer to do.

As far as lubricant goes, this toy is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubes.

For storage, I recommend storing the toy in a plastic ziplock bag, in order to keep it from touching your other toys.


The packaging is extremely minimal, but that's not really a bad thing. I don't know about you, but I hate having to throw away all that extra material. This simply arrived in a sealed plastic bag, which was sufficient.
Follow-up commentary
This wasn't my favorite vibrator to begin with, but I like it even less after today.

I was in the middle of a play session, and I was RIGHT on the edge of what was going to be an incredibly intense orgasm... when the rabbit decided to stop working. I thought it was just the vibrator, so I quickly grabbed a fresh pair of batteries. Nope -- the toy died completely. It had only been used a handful of times before this, so... it's a real disappointment.
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