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Moka Moka

Contoured G-spot vibrator by PicoBong

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Moka reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

It is worth every some spent on it. Will make you and her very happy. It is easy to clean and small enough to store away.

The Moka is an amazing toy that will certainly make you a happy woman. Using this toy with your partner will also make them happy, they can certainly reap the benefits!

This toy is totally worth every cent. BUY BUY BUY. And you will not be disappointed with the rocking vibes this will give to your body. Think of it as a gift to yourself!

As soon as you figure out how to properly grip Moka so that its battery cap doesn't come off mid-use, it is ready to give you one hell of a ride.

All in all, I have mixed feelings about Moka. It's a safe, attractive toy that just didn't live up to my expectations. I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and say that it may just be designed for someone else. If it sounds good to you, I'd give it a try! I'll definitely continue using it; I may just relegate it to "helper" status and not count on Moka to get me there all on its own.

Moka is truly a multi-purpose toy. It feels great inside, outside, wet, dry, vibrating--or even not! The shape lends itself to great G-spot stimulation as well as happy tingles wherever you put it, thanks to the incredible amount of control you have over the intensity of the 12 different vibration patterns. Really, the Moka has it all.

The Moka is a great vibe that will target your G-spot and give you that direct stimulation you’re looking for. It’s packed with 12 different vibrating functions and 6 different intensities. It’s simple to operate, is waterproof, and has a lovely silicone skin. If you’re looking for a quality G-spot vibe at a decent price, I highly recommend the Moka.

Moka is okay for those who don't require power. She has a great shape, is easy to use, and also made of silicone. She's my first Picobong toy, but certainly not the last.

I really did enjoy my Moka as it’s not a very girthy toy and the design was perfect for Gspot stimulation. Though you can’t thrust with it because of its design, it’s perfect for hitting the sweet spot. The random turning off thing was a bummer for me but I’m going to keep an eye on that problem, maybe try a different brand of battery. It hones in on the G spot quickly after insertion and has enough pressure to take me to “O” town. I think for what it does it is totally worth it.

The Moka is a product of great quality and safety for a reasonable price. Her awkward controls, overly intense stimulation, and slightly-too-weak vibrations left me feeling uncomfortably unsatisfied.

Overall, a good, powerful, and relatively cheap vibrator. It's not that excellent as a g-spot vibrator, but still fun and easy to use alone or with a partner.

I read that the Moka is more similar to the Ella than the Gigi, which was why I went for it. And I love it! If you already know that the g-spot shape works for you then you will love it too. I wasn't sure if the Picobong line would be as good as other Lelo products. But really the only places they skimped were in the packaging and recharge function. The Moka is a quality product with a lot of functions, and I definitely feel like I got my money's worth.

Moka is the perfect G-Spot toy for any user, advanced or beginner. It's a very reasonable price and its waterproof feature makes it perfect for anyone, anywhere. If you're at all interested in G-Spot play, this simply is a must buy.

The Moka has a flat head designed for G-Spot stimulation and that is exactly what you get. A good vibrator that can certainly help you find the spot, it is fun to play with. It could have put in a little more power, but overall it's a very solid toy for G-spot play.

The Picobong Moka is a powerful waterproof vibrator with a multitude of vibration patterns and a price tag lower than what you might expect - just be sure you don't mind plowing through batteries.

Sleek and smooth with a pale ocean-y blue color will bring out the soft side in any lover. Or maybe you will use it to love yourself up, all on your own! Whatever your pleasure, there is no G-spot toy I have found yet that measures up to this.

Moka is similar to Lelo's Ella and Gigi, but just different enough that I was able to actually hit my G-spot with this one. The vibrations leave something to be desired and the oddly placed buttons may be an annoyance to some. Anything that hits my G-spot gets major love from me though, so I'll forgive (sort of) it's faults.

The Moka has a nice, flattened, comfortable tip for broad stimulation of the G-spot and its immediate surrounding areas. The multiple patterns and intensity combinations should please most users. With a depth of 3' of submersion--grab this toy when you know there is going to be some water involved. Surprise your partner and get super creative, your summer will never be the same!!

Moka is the perfect vibe for the g spot. Gone are the days struggling to find it. Gone are the days of trying to get the toy to find it. Moka is here to the rescue.

Moka in my personal opinion is a winner. I didn't think she was going to be but I really enjoyed her. She's perfectly smooth and can drive the most G-spot enthusiast insane with its shape and vibration setting. The patterns were strong, but extremely quiet. The smooth flat head allows for perfect clit stimulation as well as nipple stimulation. You can use Moka in the shower, the bathtub, or in your bed. Moka is perfect for anyone, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or someone more advanced.

Lelo/PicoBong does it again! The Moka provides just about everything the average user could want in a G spot toy. It is amazing as a stimulator for all many areas: Clitoris, nipples, penis, scrotum, taint, and where ever you like a bit of sensation. Though it doesn't do so well as a thrusting toy, and cannot be recommended for use anally, it shines as a G spot toy. It's the right price and offers everything that higher priced G spot toys offer except recharge ability.

Unless you absolutely adore the stylings of the Lelo Gigi, unless you must have the rechargeable factor, Moka is very very similar in many ways to the Gigi. Ever so slightly bigger, but with identical vibrations and intensity. At almost half the cost of Gigi, it's quality g-spot play on a budget.

Having a hard time finding a toy to hit your G-spot every single time? Look no further than the Picobong Moka. This toy delivers at a price that is easy on the pocketbook. Smooth silicone, easy to use, rumbly vibrations - Moka has it all! And the perfectly angled body with smooth flat head will find your G-spot every time you pull it out.

The Moka by PicoBong is a wonderful alternative to the pricey luxury vibrators. It packs a good bit of power while being very quiet at the same time. With 8 speed settings and 12 pattern modes Moka should be enough for the average person. It's flat tipped head makes it great for broad g-spot stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation. It is 100% body safe silicone and waterproof.

The PicoBong Moka is a more affordable, slightly larger version of the Lelo Gigi. Its variety of moderately strong vibration patterns will thrill even advanced users and its perfectly designed head will stimulate the g-spot with ease. If you prefer intense g-spot pressure to more gentle stimulation, choose the Moka over the zimilar PicoBong Zizo.

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