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Contoured G-spot vibrator by PicoBong

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Mmmmm, Moka!

The Moka by PicoBong is a wonderful alternative to the pricey luxury vibrators. It packs a good bit of power while being very quiet at the same time. With 8 speed settings and 12 pattern modes Moka should be enough for the average person. It's flat tipped head makes it great for broad g-spot stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation. It is 100% body safe silicone and waterproof.
Power (8 speeds)
Multiple settings (12)
Rating by reviewer:
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The Moka by PicoBong is a sleek, wonderful g-spot vibrator. Its flat head makes it great for spot on broad g-spot stimulation. It is also nice to use as a clitoral vibrator as well. You could also get double stimulation by tilting it upward while inserted and using the neck to stimulate the clitoris and outer area. Moka is great to use alone or with a partner. I would advise against using this anally because it lacks a flared base.

Material / Texture

Moka is made of 100% body safe silicone. The silicone this is made of is much like the the LELO line since PicoBong is the same company. There is no drag to this silicone like there is to say, Je Joue. It is completely smooth and sleek to the touch and a bit velvety. It glides nicely along the body. Though you can use it without the help of lubricant, I prefer to use lube but only water based. Moka's sleek texture makes it great for any user; there is no intimidation here.

Moka is also hypo-allergenic, phthalates and latex free.

There is a 'new' silicone smell to the toy at first but can be washed away. It is not strong or unpleasant and won't cause a headache like some toys can.

There is a slightly visable seam but it isn't pronounced or able to be felt when used internally. It can be felt when rubbing your finger over it when applying pressure. This seam is not 'pokey' or rough and won't scratch your lady bits when used internally.

Design / Shape / Size

Moka's design is similar to the LELO GiGi except it is larger in its measurements. It is sleek and curved with a flattened head designed to broadly stimulate the g-spot. The design is perfect for g-spotting. The size should be enough for most people but size queens may not be satisfied with it. It is non-intimidating and should be comfortable for most people with some lubricant. The flattened head may leave some people wary at first but it really is wonderful. With that said, this is a good pick for any user. It isn't really discreet but it isn't phallic or offensive but could be figured out if left in the open. It could easily be taken along in an overnight bag but not really something I would feel comfortable tossing in my purse.

The measurements are:
Length: 7 3/4"
Insertable length: 5"
Circumference: 4 1/4"
Diameter: 1 1/2"

and compared to the LELO Liv

Functions / Performance / Controls

Moka is a wonderful alternative to the luxury rechargeable vibrators when it comes to power (as well as the safety factor of the silicone). You get 12 teasing vibration patterns with this toy along with 8 different speed settings; you can't beat that deal!

I have rated the Moka a 4 on the vroom scale because while it isn't exact in the powerfulness of Liv, I don't feel comfortable rating it a 3 either because it just seems more powerful than that to me and compared to the couple of vibes I have that rate a 3 my opinion. This is just a notch down from Liv. I held Liv in one hand and Moka in the other and turned them both up as high as they would go and could only tell a slight difference between the two.

The vibrations are located near the flat head of the toy. When putting pressure down on the tip I was unable to notice a dulling of the vibrations as that happens with some toys. The vibrations are strongest in the head but can be felt throughout the entire toy. Moka's vibrations are buzzy and can leave your hand feeling numb after while depending on what setting you have it on as well as pattern mode.

Moka is fairly quiet and living with others I have no fear of using this on the highest setting and being heard in the next room or outside of my closed door. Of course I always feel more comfortable with the television on in the background no matter what. On high someone in the same room will hear it but on low they would really need to be listening for it.

Turn Moka on by holding down on the + button. This is also the button you use to increase speed.
Turn Moka off by holding down the - button. This is also how you decrease speed.
Press the M button in the middle to shuffle through the different modes. Press it up to 12 times before it goes back to the beginning.
The controls are very easy to push.
This photo is to show the buttons (I apologize for the quality but my camera won't focus clear enough)
The top button is the -, the middle is M which controls the patterns and the last is the +.

I have found this helpful image on PicoBong's website to described the 12 different pattern modes that Moka has.

1. Steady vibration
2. Pulse
3. Rock/Pulse combo
4. Quicker pulse
5. Flash/speedy pulse
6. Half wave
7. Quicker half wave
8. Full wave, rise and fall
9. Faster wave
10. Reverse pulse
11. Roller coaster
12. Bumper cars (a rather crazy setting!)

Moka is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The website states that you should get 2 hours of play out of each new set.
Battery compartment

Moka is waterproof up to 1m. I have not brought any of my toys into the water yet so I can't comment on that aspect. When I get a shower, I'm in and out. When I take a bath it is with bubble bath, salts or bath milk and I don't want to use things under the water in fear of causing irritation to my vagina inside.

Care and Maintenance

Moka is made of 100% body safe silicone which means this toy is fairly easy to care for. Being that it is made of silicone you should only use water based lubricants with it. Moka is waterproof but the website and product page states up to 1m only. To clean you can use a mild soap and warm water, a toy cleaner or wipe. The instructions state that you shouldn't use an alcohol based cleaning solution. Completely dry Moka before storing it away. It isn't a total lint magnet like some silicone can be but it can hold onto small hairs and the like if left out so you should store it properly to protect it completely.


As you can see from the photo, this isn't discreet at all but isn't distasteful either. Inside the box they have included an instruction manual as well as information on the 1 year warranty. There is also a leaflet with important things that you shouldn't do with/to your toy to ensure it is cared for properly and lasts long.


I think this is a great line for those that want a nice luxury toy but don't have the money for one. If you don't require super power (like a Hitachi) then this toy should do the trick for you. It should be enough for most people. It was enough for me internally. Externally, it takes more time to get there than say the MiMi. If I want a 'quicky' with externally play then this one isn't going to do it, if I can take my time then this will do it. I was really impressed with the strength of this vibe after reading the reviews on previous PicoBong toys. I'm glad that EF offered this to me for an assignment. If you have been eyeing this toy then I would say make the purchase!

The flattened head is a different experience for me and I found that it stimulates the g-spot better than rounded tip toys that I have tried. It can get caught on the pubic bone though. The flat head is also nice to press against the clitoris.
Follow-up commentary
This is a great alternative to the rechargeable Gigi. The shape is great, the silicone is smooth, the power is nice and it's quiet. For sure this is one I'd recommend.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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