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Pocket wand reviews

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17 reviews

I imagine the "vroom" and "bee" levels would be different if you can convince it to function, but I eventually determined that the toy was not worth the effort it took to get it working.

If you're just starting out in the wonderful world of vibrators, I would say that this isn't such a bad choice. For the price, you're going to get what you pay for though.

The Pocket Wand by Shaki Toys aspires to be a pleasing plastic torpedo of powerful vibrations but fails miserably in its construction. If you can get past the frustration of trying to get this open and closed without breaking off your nails, you could find something enjoyable about this toy.

Don't buy this, seriously. It's a bit of a disappointment and a waste of money--you could get a better bullet vibe for less. It promises "unique enjoyment" on the package and that's absolutely right. I didn't think I'd get so much unique enjoyment out of reading aloud the terrible English and making people uncomfortable in it's presence. Too bad it's not water-proof though, with the heat it gets the next unique enjoyment I could get out of it would be in keeping my tea hot.

This toy did not live up to the expectations I had for it. It is a very basic, very boring toy. The only cool factor is that you can see the vibrating mechanism at the head of the toy. Other than that, there isn't much to it. It falls apart VERY easily. The piece in the long shaft comes out and is hard to get repositioned correctly. It is definitely cheaply made and has absolutely no variety to the speed or intensity of the vibrations. Definitely do not buy this.

Nothing about this toy was pleasurable from inserting the batteries to using it. I actually threw this toy away, the first day I had it.

Russian weapon of pleasure? More like cheap, crappy worthless plastic toy. I would NEVER buy this toy! EVER. I'm glad it was a free gift. The only good thing was; I got a kick out of what the packaging had to say.

This toy has a lot of potential, but fails miserably in its design. It would make an excellent gag gift, but there are too many other options that can do what this toy does for the same price and without the let-downs.

This vibrator was a disappointment to me because it wasn't at all what I expected from a vibrator. It would have been better if you could have controlled the vibrations on your own. It is a convenient toy because it will fit in your pocket or purse, so you can be discreet when carrying it. The Pocket Wand does come in pink or purple so you can have your choice of color.

This was a major disappointment to me. You should absolutely not have to fight with your vibrator, it totally takes away from the mood. This vibrator is hard to open, hard to get the batteries to work in and has a not pleasant vibe and execution.

I am not impressed with the Torpedo. I think it is cheaply made and has no directions for battery installation. The vibrations are powerful and lead to some good orgasms, however battery changing has me using other toys. Good free toy, but I would not spend any points on the Torpedo.

As cut as the Pocket Wand is, it's just good for sitting out and being cute. It is so weak that you can hardly feel it's vibrations. It's also a bitch to open and close. The only thing that is really good about it is how quiet it is.

The Russian Torpedo was way too much buzzy power for me. I wasn't even able to use it over clothing. I didn't enjoy inserting it backwards, and couldn't find a reason to want to keep this or recommend it to anyone. If you received it as a free gift, I'd keep it for when you have a gag gift or white elephant party gift exchange. It is simply not worth wasting batteries on.

This torpedo very well may blow up. Being that it is lacking in vibration, loud as a chainsaw, and hot as hell, this may blow itself up upon use. This toy for me was a huge let down and I will not be ordering another one.

This pocket vibe presents a slim, smooth and simple design, though it is far from it. The Russian Torpedo carries a weak vibe and is loud enough to be heard through a door.

Buyer beware! This thing can totally set your crotch on fire and not in any way that is good. The motor gets incredibly hot very fast and the toy is made of very flimsy feeling plastic. Of all the vibrators in this price range, this is one that you should skip. Plenty of others will get the job done more safely for the same price.

If you're in the market for an inexpensive, powerful, toy that may have a short lifespan than this is the ticket. The Russian Torpedo is powerful and will blow away a little watch battery toy or Cock ring, but you never know if this time will be you last. It's a bit like playing Russian roulette.

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