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Remote control egg reviews

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18 reviews

This toy, while a fun concept, is not worth it. The remote does not work when you get more than a foot away, it takes TEN watch batteries (which are drained even overnight even in the off position) and the vibrations are buzzy and loud. There have got to be better remote controlled vibrators out there.

If you are looking for a wireless egg then turn the other way. This is not for you. From the poor quality, to the battery-guzzling buzzy vibrations, this toy will definitely turn you off!

This bullet has a lot of great features. However, it failed to deliver in quality and power. The batteries died after only an hour of use and the design is lacking. I expected more from a $30 toy. It is wireless and has lots of patterns. Unfortunately, it wasn’t powerful enough for me and then it died! I will sadly be taking my egg to the trash. I recommend you buy a more reliable bullet from a different company. So far, I haven’t had much luck with the company Shaki Toys.

This toy failed in all aspects that it was designed for, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I love bullets and eggs and especially love those that are wireless, but this particualr egg was not wireless. You basically had to be on top of one another for it to work.

This bullet has 10 speeds/vibrations to it and is well worth the price of $28.99, but if you place an order over $70, you get this free with order if you click on it.

I seriously hate this toy. I hate it so much. Though I got it free, I ended up SPENDING money in order to finish this review because it ate the batteries in one night when it was turned off. Vibrating eggs are a lovely concept, and power to the wireless ones, but this one is just a hunk of junk.

If you're looking for a waterproof bullet (being beginner or advanced user) and want something that is a great value, I would highly recommend this bullet. They say that "Variety is the spice of life" and this bullet has plenty of variety! Multispeed and multifunction, this bullet is a great buy. Comes with batteries and waterproof! Let your partner take control of the "reigns" and you guide where you want it!

I would probably never have gotten this product if it were not for the fact that it came as a free gift with orders over $70. Frankly, I don't think it is worth the price if you were to buy it, but if you can get it for free it could make a nice gift to add to a basket for a friend or something.

TheRemote Control Egg can be a fun & versatile item...for your toy box or as a practical joke!! Let the Easter Bunny hide this in range of the remote and laugh at the look on the face of the person who picks this egg up! Use it as a fun cat toy, my cat is really liking this and jumps when I click the vibrations. Want a nice back massager? Yep, cup it in your hand and soothe those aches and pains. Add some life to a disposable cock ring with this convenient egg.

This was such a cute and fun bullet while it lasted. My husband loved everything about it. Unfortunately the fun only lasted a week. You might want to pass on this and by something a little more reliable.

I would say an awesome toy to play with out and about just to spice things up a little. Not used to get full stimulation but more as a tease. Great for control of spouse and surprises for you.

A nice remote control vibrator would be a great addition to any toy collection and it would make for a great toy to share with a partner; however, the Remote control Egg by Shaki Toys is not the place to find your dream toy.

Would I recommend this to a friend? No. As a remote control vibrator it is a complete flop and as just a regular vibrator it is expensive and easily exchanged for something cheaper with better functions.

This bullet is great if not used for its intended purpose. If water hadn't leaked in while washing I would still be using it solo and enjoying it. If you want a toy that you can use with a partner and at a distance, this is probably not for you.

This item is TOPS for a cheap thrill that allows your partner to be in control, and for you to feel excited only when they want you to. Though it does not have the variations in speed, it will definitely do the trick. After a long day of ons and offs, it will provide a passionate night of built up aggression in the bed room. Through a closed door you would not be able to hear it, in a public area, or visit to your parents house; no one would think it was anything but a cell on vibrate.

If you have a high sensitivity to rough vibrations, and don't fair so well with them, then this product for you. Other wise, I suggest you find something else.

While I was unimpressed with the range of the wireless remote when the egg was inserted, this definitely was a lot of fun to wear out to the strip club. If you're looking for a cheap thrill, definitely check this one out!

The Remote Control Bullet is a fairly standard, functional remote control egg vibe. The vibration noise is muffled when the egg is inserted, so this toy is potentially good for partner play. My one word of caution with this toy would be to remove the metal clamps on the cords, since they can scratch.

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