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Zook Zook

G-spot rabbit vibrator by Zini

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Zook reviews

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14 reviews

It's small, it's powerful and it gives you a light show while you use it. Only size queens and those who need a ton of clitoral power won't find something to love about this little bamboo shoot!

If you're looking for a good and strong rabbit vibe- Look elsewhere. If you want a strong g-spot toy- try the Zini Ran. Overall: Don't get this. It's going to be a disappointment.

The design of the Zook is so impressive -- except where obvious corners were cut. Likely, the biggest flaw is just that the second motor is not located in the arm itself. However, the Zook still rates 4 vrooms and the otherwise great design in terms of material, rechargeability and shape makes me happy this one's on my shelf.

The Zini Zook is a great toy, has a ton of patterns, and knows how to use the dual motors. On the other hand, the second motor could transfer well to the clitoral bit and it is pretty darned expensive. If you don't need a lot of external oomph and you catch this on sale I would highly recommend this and I am glad to have this in my toy box.

Are you ready to go to the next level in personal pleasure? Grab a Zini Zook. With a Zook you are swept off your feet with 15 vibration pattern choices. Powerful and whisper quite, this multi-functional g and c spot vibrator has two motors for optimal pleasure. With an elegant look, the control panel has a LED light interface to help you remember your favorite setting. Zini Zook truly has the ability to take your playtime to new levels of enjoyment.

I was disappointed with this toy as it was so expensive and looked rather pleasing on the screen. The package it arrives in even set my expectations high. The vibrations are weak, however, and there is almost no vibration in the clitoral stimulator which is also too weak at the joint to the shaft to be of any real use. The final blow is the lack of time Zini will hold a charge. You have to plan ahead with this toy.

I really wanted to like Zook, I did. I was impressed by the toy, but it's just not strong enough. I wouldn't be complaining as much about not being able to thrust the toy if the clitoral attachment worked well for me, but without a motor in the arm it doesn't feel like much of anything.

If you're looking for a G-spot vibrator that delivers light clitoral vibrations, the Zini Zook is for you. It's unique, quiet, silky-smooth, and has more features and vibration patterns than you could ever imagine. "Zook" and "luxury" are synonymous due to its rechargeable capabilities, silicone material, and gorgeous LED light display. If you don't mind a toy that isn't girthy, don't pass up the Zini Zook. It's not just beautiful; It's a powerful toy that is deserving of its price tag.

If you want to treat yourself to something a little advanced (I'm a geeky kind of girl so this was up my alley), and aren't afraid to spend some money, go for this toy. For those who want something simple, easy and not too pricey, there are other toys to meet those needs.

This is a fantastic rabbit style vibrator, but of course it’s design will not work for all users. The Zini Zook is a luxury rabbit, so you are getting all the bells and wistles to go along with it, including a nice storage box, and pouch. The fact that it is rechargeable and has a slew of patterns, makes this a wonderful toy to own.

The Zini Zook is one of the most exciting toys to come out in the last few months and the anticipation was well deserved. The Zook boasts power, functions and lots of techy goodness to make even the geekiest toy lover squee in delight.

Just like any rabbit style vibrator, the Zook will depend highly on your anatomy as to whether it will work fully or not. If the g-spot bulge and clit stimulator line up perfectly with your measurements, you'll be thoroughly satisfied with the power this one delivers. With 15 wonderful different patterns to choose from, everyone will find a handful of favorites.

A sleek, powerful, rechargeable g-spotting rabbit that has a uniquely lighted LED interface and is waterproof to boot. Who doesn't want that!? Well, maybe someone who needs direct vibrations to their clit.

Drawing from the delicate lines of bamboo leaves, the artful people at Zini channel the elegance of the natural world in its design for the Zook. The Zook's gently arching clitoral arm flexes to suit your body just as grass bends in the breeze, while its bulging arm provides filling, firm G-spot massage. Easy to use and packed with dozens of speed and mode combinations, this rabbit-styled vibrator is certain to please a wide range of tastes and body types.

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