Petite and comfotable, this toy is a keeper

The Zini Zook is a great toy, has a ton of patterns, and knows how to use the dual motors. On the other hand, the second motor could transfer well to the clitoral bit and it is pretty darned expensive. If you don't need a lot of external oomph and you catch this on sale I would highly recommend this and I am glad to have this in my toy box.
Silicone, two motors, splashproof, TONS of settings and patterns, pretty, flexible
Won't fit everyone well, price, not super strong, hard to figure out at first
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The Zini Zook is a rabbit vibrator by the brand Zini. Most of their toys try to resemble plants, and this toy is no exception. There is another rabbit style in this line, the Zini Hua, which is better for 'pointy' g-spot stimulation while this is better for 'broad' stimulation.

The main use for this toy is dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation. This is achieved by the curved, bulbed head and the 'leaf' protrusion that sticks out from the front. The protrusion ends with a broad leaf, so it's less of a pinpoint clitoral stimulator than a real 'rabbit eared' or 'dolphin' toy.

You also can use this toy just externally. The best way to achieve this is with the g-spot tip. You can use the tip of this toy to just stimulate the clitoris or the whole large tip to vibrate the entire area. This is especially nice to warm up for inserting the toy.

It's hard to insert this toy without having the clitoral bit stimulate you, so that's not an option. You can insert it and thrust with it with the power off, but there are better dildos for that job.

The small clitoral arm makes this relatively anal safe. While it will keep it from slipping inside of you while thrusting, I may not trust the wimpy arm to keep you safe and let go with it. If you want to play anally, keep an eye on this toy. It would be good for stimulating the perineum and prostate.

If you're looking for a first toy as a couple the Zook would be a good and bad option. The Zook is made of amazing materials, is petite, rechargeable, and has a ton of settings. On the other hand, the Zook is super expensive, especially if your partner decides they don't like it or don't like toys.

I feel similar about this being your first toy in general. While it has a lot of potential, this is pretty expensive for a toy when you don't quite know what you like yet. If you have your heart set on this toy I would certainly try to get it on sale.

This toy 100% passes Ryu's dorm seal of approval. It's splashproof (with being debatabley waterproof), small, made of easy to care for materials, and is quiet. No one would be able to hear this over the shower or through the hall, even if they were listening for it.
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Material / Texture

The Zini Zook is made of attractive silicone and plastic. Eden offers several different colors of this toy, which all look super awesome. They offer one with red silicone and black plastic, one with black silicone and cold plastic, one with deep purple silicone and white plastic, and one with lime silicone and white plastic. I got the one in lime because I love that shade of green.

Silicone is rated a 10 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale. It's nonporous and body safe, meaning that it won't leak gross chemicals into you and that bacteria can't live under the surface of the toy. It's flexible and soft, and usually has a bit of drag to it.

Plastic is rated an 8 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale. It's very firm, and almost never has any drag to it at all. Plastic can't be boiled, so in order to disinfect this toy you should wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.

The shaft of this toy is silicone over a firm, plastic body. There is a bit of give to the silicone at the tip because it's thicker, but the rest of the body has no give at all to it. There is also no flexibility at all to the body of this toy.

What DOES have flex to it is the little clitoral protrusion. There is no plastic at all in this little thing, and it can easily be bent down to touch the handle. What this does mean is that it doesn't place much pressure on your clitoris during use, which can be a good or a bad thing.

The silicone is very smooth and velvety, while the plastic is slippery. The silicone wraps around to the back of the handle, which helps you keep a good grip on it during use.

Silicone does have more drag to it than plastic and glass, but this silicone is very smooth. It's more like Lelo and Jopen silicone than Tantus silicone. This means that lube isn't a must if you warm up and produce a lot of natural lubricant, but adding a few drops to the tip does make the initial insertion easier.

Silicone and plastic are great materials for all users, but this toy is a bit rigid. If you're new to toys something with more flex in the shaft might be easier to use, but because it doesn't have too intense of a curve it doesn't 'feel' too hard.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Zini Zook is designed with a budding plant in mind. The main shaft is a stem to the 'bud' g-spot tip, and the small clitoral arm looks very similar to a leaf. The handle is meant to resemble a seed, and is pretty much the Zini Seed plus a shaft.

The Zini Zook is 8 inches long in total. It has an insertable length of 3.5 inches. It's also 4 inches around at the widest point, and the thinnest part of the neck is just over 2 inches around. The clitoral leaf is 1.75 inches long. The flat, top part of the clitoral leaf is 1.5 inches away from the shaft.

This is the same as the Zini Hua, but the Hua is a bit thinner at the girthy tip. While it is thinner, it's also pointier, so it should give a different sensation. It's got the same insertable length.

You have to insert this toy at least 2.5 inches to get the clitoral stimulator where it needs to be. Because of that this will fit your anatomy if you have a g-spot between 2.5 and 3.25 inches inside of you. Because of this design the toy is meant for broad g-spotting.

Even though I don't usually like rigid toys, especially ones with a g-spot curve, I didn't find this to be too firm. The flexible g-spot toy made this much more 'one size fits all' than the rigid Jopen rabbits. If you tend to find rigid toys too intense for your g-spot, this should still work well for you.

While this toy is smooth, there are several ridges on the shaft and clitoral stimulator. They really can't be felt at all during use, especially since there are few on the shaft where you would feel it when thrusting. They're mostly there to make it look pretty.

The small girth would make this toy pretty easy to use, even if you aren't used to insertion. It would be a nice size for beginners, even though I wouldn't suggest it to someone as a first toy due to the price tag. Advanced users who don't need a ton of power, aren't size queens, and are fond of light g-spot stimulation would like this petite design.

Here's the Zook VS a pen:
Zook VS Pen

The flex of the clitoral bit:
Zook Flex

A detail shot of the tip:
Zook Detail

The charging port:
Zook port

The handle:
Zook buttons

And how it looks inserted:
Zook Demo
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

One thing that makes Zini toys stand out from the crowd is their functions. They might not be as strong as the Jopens, and don't have a whole lot of variation in power for the patterns... but they sure do have patterns!

The entire Zini line has a three button interface on the handle. It's easy to feel where it is, and I have no issues finding the buttons during use. The buttons are also inset enough that they're hard to push accidentally. I have found that the design makes the - button hard to push, but it just takes a try or two to hit.

This toy comes with a super extensive user manual. It's needed, because this toy has a lot of patterns that can be hard to figure out. To turn this toy on you press the + button, and to turn it off you press the - button. It starts on the lowest of 5 power settings. The power settings are as follows:

1) 1.5 vrooms, less than 1 bee
2) 2 vrooms, 1 bee
3) 2.5 vrooms, 1.5 bees
4) 3.5 vrooms, 2 bees
5) 3.5 vrooms in the top motor, and 3 vrooms in the bottom motor, which combine to about a 4 in power

You can hold the + button for two seconds and release it to jump up right away to the fifth setting, called 'turbo mode.' A lot of people will like this setting because it's strong and rumbly. In order to access the settings you have to click on the O button. Each pattern only has one power to it. The different patterns also all have different colors, which makes it easy to flip to the one you prefer using the + or - button. The colors and patterns are as follows:

White: bbbbBBBBBZZZ
Aqua: (stronger) bbbbBBBZZZ
Gold: bbbbBBBBZZZZZbbb from the first motor to second motor
Red: bbBBZZBBbb (strong second motor)
Orange: bbbBBBZZZBBbb ... bbBBZZZBBbb (Again, from first to second motor)
Green: BBBBBBB in shaft and BZZ BZZ BZZ in second motor
Deep Pink: bbbBBBBZZZZ ... bbbBBBBZZZ ...
Spring Green: bbbBBBBZZZZ with BZZ BZZ at the end in the second motor
Purple/Pink: BZZ BZZ BZZ BZZ
Light Green: Throbbing between the two motors (fast)
Dark Blue: Throbbing between the two motors (slow)
Fuchsia: BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ in first motor with constant speed in second motor
Pink/Purple: BZZ BZZ BZZ BZZ BZZ with BZZZZZZZ at the end in the second motor
Peach: BZZZZZZ in both motors

The first motor has more oomph than the second motor, and is also a bit deeper. While I do wish that the second motor had more power or was closer to the clit arm, I am still very happy with how this toy performs.

The second motor placement can be an issue if you have it on high for an extended period of time. When the buzzier motor is hammering away at the tip of the handle it's easy to get numb or uncomfortable fingers.

The Zook claims to be waterproof, but like other reviewers it seems more splashproof. While the seal over the charging port is super secure and won't let any water in, the seams at the side of the handle don't seem well sealed and might pose a problem. Because of that this toy shouldn't be submerged for a prolonged period of time.

You also can travel lock this toy by holding the + and - buttons at the same time. This is perfect if you tossed this into your luggage or purse and don't want it to go off at an inopportune moment. If you want to unlock it you can just hold the + and - buttons again.

While this toy isn't for power queens, it has enough oomph to get most ladies off. If you need strong vibrations externally to get off this might not be a good bet, but if you want a strong g-spot vibrator with an added clitoral teaser this is a nice option.
    • Discreet sound
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

The Zook is super easy to care for. Even though it's silicone, it's not as big of a lint magnet as many toys that I've tried. If you store it in a lint-free location you can get away with just washing it after every use. The ridges aren't a problem to clean at all. I use an antibacterial toy cleaner to wash this, but you can also use soap and water or a toy wipe.

This toy can be disinfected by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. This should be done every time you switch orifices or users to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection. You can't boil this toy because of the plastic components.

You should not store this toy in contact with other silicone toys, as the two may react and leave you upset. This is easy to avoid as the Zook comes with its own storage bag. Similarly, you should not use silicone based lube with this toy.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


When it comes to packaging Zini is on par with Lelo. Lelo makes you feel like you got a super fancy, quality, expensive sex toy or bondage item but Zini... Makes you feel like you got some strange alien plant. This totally tickles my fancy, as I love alien plants, but it's certainly different.

There is a sleeve that wraps around the box that was bright green. My toy was green, so the color may depend on the color of Zook you order. This has the name of the toy, brand, and some basic information on it. It isn't trashy at all, and is fairly informative.

Once this is off you're left with the black box. This has a checkered pattern on it and the name of the brand, but that's it. It's super classy and closes magnetically.

After opening that up, your toy is held in a clear, plastic bubble. This can be lifted up to get to your toy very easily. Underneath your toy is the charger, bag, charger adapter, and instructions. The instructions are a MUST for this toy because it takes a use or two to really get the hang of.

The bag is big enough to fit your Zook, but not really large enough to fit the Zook, charger, and charger adapter. This was a bit of a bummer, but I'm just glad that it came with a charger in general.

In total, this box would be great to give as a gift. You could wrap it up very easily as it's a square or just slap a bow onto it. While it's obvious what it is, there's not much that you could pass your Zook off as anyways.

The Zook sleeve:
Zook Sleeve

The box:
Zook Box

The box open:
Zook Open

The instruction booklet:
Zook Instructions

The bag:
Zook Bag
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift


Ever since I saved up and met my Rondo by Close 2 You I have been in love with dual motor patterns that aren't synchronized. My Rondo didn't work well for my body due to the girth, but it showed me how awesome that feature is in a toy. That's why I had to have a Zini rabbit.

I joined Eden about a year and a half ago, and had been adding the Zini Zook to and removing it from my cart ever since. It was so pretty, but got fairly mediocre reviews, it had two motors, but was rigid and not 100% waterproof... I always got scared and didn't get it.

When the Zini Zook went on 50% off clearance sale I didn't have an excuse not to get one. At just over $60 I'd spent more than that on crappy Jopen Key toys that didn't deliver. After an initial hiccup, I am so glad that I got this toy.

While I don't know if it's worth the full price tag, I'd for sure buy it again on sale. The deep, dual motors have enough power for me, the design fits me well, and I feel so awesome owning a toy that looks so awesome. I do wish that the clitoral motor was in the actual arm (or stronger) and that it was more 100% waterproof, but for this girth wimp it's a great rabbit.

If you catch it on a good sale or use a coupon, and you know that this shape will work for you, I would recommend this toy. The patterns are a lot of fun to learn, and I am planning on using this regularly for a long time. I did dock a point for the waterproof issue and price, but it's a solid 4 star toy.
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