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G-spot rabbit vibrator by Zini

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A Beautiful Bud Which Requires Transition Before It Can Truly Bloom!

Just like any rabbit style vibrator, the Zook will depend highly on your anatomy as to whether it will work fully or not. If the g-spot bulge and clit stimulator line up perfectly with your measurements, you'll be thoroughly satisfied with the power this one delivers. With 15 wonderful different patterns to choose from, everyone will find a handful of favorites.
~ Silicone
~ Dual motors
~ Powerful
~ Quite
~ Travel lock
~ Shoddy control panel
~ Rather small
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I have a real weakness for high priced luxury vibrators which seems odds considering I was never a vibe lover until Eden came into my life. Zook is the first of the Zini range that really jumped out at me and I was under the impression this company was of high quality. I waited impatiently for my package to arrive. A week and a half feels more like a month when toy goodies are on their way!



This one is designed with the female anatomy in mind. With a short insertable shaft and a clit stimulator, it's not very practical when it comes to anal play. If you don't require or want any real length, then this vibrator could be used anally while the clit arm stimulates your sweet perineum spot. The tip could be used to arouse other erogenous zones such as the clitoris, nipple, anus, penis and scrotum.

Material / Texture


The Zini Zook is a rabbit style vibrator which is created in Korea using premium silicone, PC and ABS plastic. Because of the high qualities of these materials, it earns a safety rating of 8. Only water based lubricant should come into contact with the Zook as silicone lube has the potential to bond with the vibrator and cause it to deteriorate. There was no unpleasant odor at all. Surprisingly the silicone Zini has used to create this vibrator doesn't seem to attract lint.


Zook has a beautiful silky smoothness to the silicone which creates very little drag across the skin. On the tip of the vibrator is a reasonable step up onto the top g-spot bulge and smooths into the shaft along the bottom. Down towards the clit stimulator, the area that sits at the entrance to the vagina when fully inserted, is another slight raise. Just past the clit arm is yet another slight raise which is purely for visual effect. Even the clit stimulator has a short stem which the main shape protrudes from. The only flexible part on the Zook is the clitoral stimulator which may be too pliable for those who require a lot of clit pressure to orgasm. The handle is a shiny white smooth plastic, that has an almost mirror appearance. Because the plastic is slippery if you were to have lube on your fingers, the silicone runs up the handle on the underside which also creates a charging port cover.

Design / Shape / Size


The Zook looks to me like a flower bud that's about to bloom with one cute little leaf lower down the stem. The tip bulges to a circumference of 4” and points upwards to cater for g-spot stimulation. Unfortunately I found for this to happen fully, I need to angle the handle down towards the bed and then the clit arm isn't on target. Inside this tip is the main motor that supplies the constant steady vibration. Half way down the entire length of the rabbit is where the extremely flexible clitoral stimulator is located. This area of the shaft narrows down to just over 2” in circumference before widening out again for the handle and control area. The second motor is located in the handle area, rather than under the clit arm. This is where the sound of the second motor comes from when it kicks in on the 5th level. The entire length is 8” with approximately 3 ½” insertable. The clit stimulator protrudes 1 ½” off the shaft of the vibrator.

Zini from top

Clit arm


I decided to get the bright (almost fluorescent) green to broaden my color range. Not only is it the first of its shade amongst my precious ones, but I also plan to get each of the new Zini vibrators in a different color. The only other shades present on this rabbit is the white plastic handle and naturally the different LEDs that show up depending on the pattern chosen.

Functions / Performance / Controls


Zini’s control panel features three buttons – a +,- and a O. Unlike the O in the middle, the + and - buttons are completely flat on the control pad which presses down slightly when either are activated. By gently pressing on the + end, the vibrator starts off on the lowest vibration. To move forward or back at anytime, either press the buttons as many times as required or hold them down constantly til it reaches the max speed or turns off. The Obutton begins the multitude of patterns. Below are the steady vibration speeds.

1. Low steady vibration
2. Low - Medium steady vibration
3. Medium steady vibration
4. Medium - High steady vibration
5. Rapid steady vibration - 2nd motor kicks in

The different patterns and colors that accompany them as follows:

1.1 Slow drawn out pulses

2.2 Medium drawn out pulses

3.3 Rapid pulses

4.4 Long drawn out pulses – motors work opposite to each other

5.5 Tip motor pulses, cuts out and handle motor gives a quick pulse

6.6 Tip motor pulses from low to high and pulses while handle motor takes over pulsing from low to high

7.7 Tip motor vibrates steady while handle motor gives two quick pulses and pauses briefly

8.8 Both motors pulse together from low to high

9.9 Long drawn out pulse from tip motor and two very rapid pulses by handle motor

10.10 Fast pulses by both motors

11.11 Rapid pulses by both motors – so fast it's almost an extremely strong steady vibration

12.12 Fast longer pulses from both motors

13.13 Rapid pulses followed by one long pulse from both motors

14.14 Long drawn out pulse followed by fast pulses from both motors

15.15 Very strong steady vibration from both motors

The LED colors are a little off compared to what they look like in person, but it gives a basic idea on what you get with each pattern.
To make Zook completely risk free while traveling, it features a locking system. To activate the lock, hold the - for a few seconds before also holding down the +. The control panel LED illuminates a red glow. If any buttons are pressed while in the lock position, the LED will give a quick red flash. Repeat the same steps to unlock and the red LED will change to a green glow – she is ready to go!

The vibrations are the deep rumbly type – not quite as deep as some vibrators such as the Lelo Iris and Isla, but by no means the light buzzy kind.
I have added a picture below where the LED strip on mine doesn't sit up against the rest of the handle on the - end of the control section. The + end has no gaps and is what I believe the whole section should look like. When the - button is pressed, it tends to push the whole area down into the toy slightly. Even the button panel doesn't sit neat against the LED strip. That that aspect, it's rather poorly crafted and I won't be getting water near mine.

Gap around control pad


I'm proud to announce that this vibrator is relatively quiet. The motor in the tip of mine has a slight rattle, but nothing that can be heard behind a closed door. The 2nd motor tends to be more on the quiet side (rattle free) and gives off a slightly different pitch in sound - deeper. Even with it set to the full-on pattern levels, someone would have to be deliberately standing at your door trying to listen. Some music on low will certainly cover up any slight noise if you're concerned.


As with most vibrators in this price league, the Zook is rechargeable via AV power. The vibrator will need charging for a good 2hrs before any play can take place. This gives you roughly 2hrs of play time, but will depend on the speed and pattern levels you use. Recharging is done via attaching the recharge cable into a small port in the end underside of the handle. When charging, the LED around the control buttons on mine lit up red and turned blue once a full charge had been achieved. At any time after the full charge, you can check the battery level by simply pressing the round O middle button while the toy is turned off. The LED surrounding the control pad will indicate using a different colour:

BLINKS RED: Battery is flat and Zook turns self off
RED: 0 – 10% of power
ORANGE: 10 – 50% power
YELLOW: 50 – 70% power
LIGHT GREEN: 70 – 95% power
GREEN: Over 95% power
BLUE: Complete charge

Charge port

Care and Maintenance


Although the book says this is waterproof – I beg to differ. There is no way I'm getting my control area anywhere near water. I'm not even treating it as splash proof due to the gap around the buttons. In another section of the user manual, it states to “Please keep the charge socket away from water (splash proof)”. As well as – “Do not immerse ZINI and the adaptor in water or any liquid”.
As for the rest of the vibrator, I just wash it down with anti-bacterial soap, making sure to get into the groove where the clit stimulator meets the shaft. Naturally it can't be sterilized by boiling (even if it was waterproof), but a 10% bleach solution can be wiped over the toy. Just make sure to rinse this off before using again to avoid any possible irritation.



The Zook arrived in a reasonably sized checked firm cardboard box with a bright green paper strip wrapped around it. I was impressed with the outside packaging - with the way the magnetic lid flap closes in the front. Over the magnetic closing, is a QC sticker to make sure your toy hasn't been tampered with. It gives me a little more peace of mind, as a lot of toy packages can easily be opened and closed without your knowledge. The lid opens right up out of the way due to it being attached to the back bottom corner of the box, unlike most styles. Inside, your new toy peeks through from beneath a black cardboard flap with molded clear plastic in the shape of the Zook. Gently lifting this reveals the vibrator just sitting on flat cardboard – no nice insert, velour or foam housing.
By pulling that whole section out, you'll find the charger and 2 instruction manuals (one just gives the main highlights of each of the Zini toys and the other is on actually working your Zook). Also included is a soft vinyl feeling drawstring pouch in the same check pattern as the box.
It makes for a nice solid box for storing either the Zook, batteries, small vibes, bullets or anything else you might like to house. I'm discarding the cardboard platform the Zook sat on and will use the box for holding all my toy chargers.


inside box

Zini revealed

Charger compartment




One of the first things I noticed was the shitty craftsmanship on the control pad area. When you pay over $100 for a toy that is produced by a company who appears to rate themselves as high quality and attach a price tag to match that, you expect better.
The other thing that really stood out to me is that it's rather small. I prefer more girth, but I was surprised it got the job done with ease. Perhaps instead of making two rabbit style vibrators that are so similar (Zook and Hua), it might have been a wiser move to make one of them girthy, to satisfy a larger range of potential buyers.
Making up for the above is the wonderful range of color LEDs this vibrator displays and the awesome power. Very pretty!
A main turn off with silicone for me is the fact that it just LOVES any kind of lint. With having pets inside (the cat thinks my bed is hers at times), it's impossible to keep a completely hair free room. But Zook is fantastic for not picking up everything in its path.

I was torn as to what rating to actually give Zook. On one hand a 2.5 stars seems appropriate for the lower quality external components, but on the other hand the internal workings are fantastically strong and do a great job.

But because you can't have the internal without the external and due to the high price for something that doesn't really qualify, I'm giving the Zook a 3 star rating.

If half stars were allowed, I would definitely give this a 3.5, but I think bumping it to a 4 is too generous considering the control panel.
Follow-up commentary
Zook is growning on me more and more so much that I'm not too worried about the poor external quality any more. It's disappointing that they charge that much when the quality doesn't match the price tag, but it tends to make up for that in its internal magic.

I would now boost Zook's rating up to 4 stars!
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