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G-spot rabbit vibrator by Zini

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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom With Zook!

Drawing from the delicate lines of bamboo leaves, the artful people at Zini channel the elegance of the natural world in its design for the Zook. The Zook's gently arching clitoral arm flexes to suit your body just as grass bends in the breeze, while its bulging arm provides filling, firm G-spot massage. Easy to use and packed with dozens of speed and mode combinations, this rabbit-styled vibrator is certain to please a wide range of tastes and body types.
Non-porous, two motors, lots of options, powerful G-spot stimulation, rechargeable, storage pouch.
Crevices difficult to clean, second motor not located in clitoral arm, weak clitoral vibration.
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Fresh from Zini's brand new line of luxury vibrators comes the Zook - a sleek, body-safe dual stimulator with functions and style to spare. With a short, flexible arm that is best for clitoral use and a curved G-spot stimulator, the Zook is best for vaginal use. Though the clitoral arm could be considered as a sort of safety mechanism to prevent the slippage of this toy into the rectum, this vibrator lacks any kind of true flange to make it safe for anal use. This toy should be used safely and as intended: vaginally!

Zook is marvelous for couple or solo use, as its shape is forgiving enough to allow your partner to experiment on you with. The flexible clitoral shaft and dense, firm G-spotting shaft do provide very particular stimulation however, and will not suit all preferences. Zook is best for those that like relatively firm G-spot stimulation and somewhat less intense clitoral vibration and pressure. While far from a weakling, the position of the clitoral motor and design of the arm does make the stimulation of the clitoris less intense than it might be in other toys.

Material / Texture

Zook is a largely firm toy in both its hard plastic handle and stimulating silicone parts. The 100% non-porous matte silicone membrane that covers the moving parts beneath is quite thin, so the shaft is rather dense and inflexible. This provides excellent G-spot stimulation, just not a ton of give. The clitoral arm is made solely out of silicone with its motor located below (not in) it, so it is significantly more flexible and yielding. Its handle, being made from hard plastic, is understandable firm and slick and can become quite slippery with lubricant. The matte silicone of the stimulating components "grabs" lube much better, however, but the friction created by its slightly more textured surface does necessitate lubricant more than slicker silicones.

Silicone and hard plastic are both virtually without scent or taste, though both can collect scent particles on their surfaces. Should your toy take on any unpleasant scents, simply clean and leave in a cool, dry and well ventilated area for 24-48 hours to aerate.

Design / Shape / Size

Fully rechargeable at a mere two hours, the Zook is fabulously practical and wallet-friendly. Straight out of the package my Zook took a mere 30 minutes to fully charge and has not required a recharge since. Its battery life is long lasting, easy to rejuvenate and very economic. So while this vibrator does lean heavily toward the luxury end of the price spectrum, its longevity and battery-less design make it more of an investment than a splurge.

Zook is a substantial 8" in length, although only 3.5 of those inches are actually insertable - the rest are accounted for in the handle. The soft curves of the shaft swell from a hair over .5" in width near the clitoral arm to nearly 1.5" across at its broadest point. The slender neck of the shaft allows for the labia to be minimally stressed during use so you can enjoy long thrusting and rocking sessions without feeling sore afterward. And while this area remains somewhat pampering, the thick bulge of the shaft near the tip fill and stimulate the G-spot wonderfully. Arching to rest slightly behind or directly on top of most G-spots, Zook provides firm massage for incredible vaginal orgasms.

This dual stimulator's clitoral arm is a somewhat mixed bag depending on the sort of stimulation you prefer. As demonstrated in the above video, Zook's clitoral arm is highly flexible which enables it to rest with light to medium pressure on most clitorises regardless of their placement on the vulva. Many that have found other rabbit styled vibrators too aggressive in their approach to pressure will love this toy's softer side, while fans of intense pressure will likely be unimpressed. In addition, lovers of strong vibrations on the clitoris will not be pleased with the milder, more diffuse vibrations that move through Zook's clitoral stimulator. Unlike the shaft motor which is located toward its head, the clitoral arm's motor is located below it as opposed to in it. While pinching the base of the clitoral arm between two fingers, vibrations as strong as the shaft's can be felt, but while pinching the clitoral arm the vibrations feel only about half as strong. If you enjoy anywhere from 1-3 "vrooms" out of 5 on your clitoris then this toy will be wonderful, but if you need only the strongest then it may not be a great choice. The shaft is significantly stronger and at its highest speed gets a 4/5 "vrooms". In combination the two are sensational, and the flexible arm allows for both rocking and thrusting.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Zook is a dual stimulator that, like the LELO Ina, has two motors in each of its arms. The shaft motor is located toward the head and its vibrations can be felt strongly upon insertion. The clitoral motor is located below the clitoral arm itself; the vibrations felt in it are more diffuse as they must travel further before reaching the clitoris. This placement of the motors may seem counter-intuitive if you enjoy intense vibration, but those that prefer light to medium vibrations will be pleased with Zook's gentler approach. Zook is remarkably quiet and on its highest setting can be heard through covers but not through a closed door.

The toy's interface is located conveniently on the handle and consists of a minus (-) button, an unmarked circular button and a plus (+) button. To turn your vibrator on simply tap the (+) button and continue to tap it to increase the speed. Once the Zook is at its highest speed, you can hold the (+) symbol down for 2 seconds and the vibrator will kick into its power boost mode. This mode is an even stronger, more intense speed and can be turned off again by tapping the (+) sign which returns you to the highest speed below the power boost level.

Once you have reached the level of intensity desired, you can simple tap the unmarked center button to kick your Zook into its "mode" setting. From here you can cycle through 15 settings - all functioning at the speed you've previously selected. The modes by color are as follows:

Periwinkle - Slow rollercoaster pulse
Turquoise - Medium rollercoaster pulse
Royal blue - Fast tollercoaster pulse
Deep Yellow - Slow oscillating pulse, alternating between motors
Orange red - Medium oscillating pulse
Orange - Oscillating rollercoaster
Kelly green - Slow rollercoaster in shaft motor, two medium pulses in clitoral motor
Hot pink - Long rollercoaster in both motors
Lime green - Medium rollercoaster in shaft motor, rollercoaster punctuated by two rapid pulses in clitoral motor
Purple - Rapid pulses in both motors
Light yellow - Steady vibration in shaft motor, rapid pulses in clitoral motor
Dark blue - Rapid pulses in both motors
Blue red - A series of rapid pulses followed by one long pulses in both motors
Magenta - Slow pulses in shaft motor, a series of rapid pulses followed by one long pulses in clitoral motor
Salmon pink - Steady vibration in both motors

Because you are able to select the speed before you select the mode, the possibilities for customization are nearly infinite with the Zook. Choose the perfect rumbling speed and pulsation or escalation mode to thrill you just the way you like it. As mentioned above, the shaft vibrations are significantly stronger than the clitoral arm's - and both motors are controlled by the same interface buttons. The two cannot be adjusted separately, so if you want to enjoy the highest level of clitoral stimulation you will also necessarily increase the speed and power of your vaginal stimulation.

Care and Maintenance

Zook is a relatively easy toy to care for due to its non-porous silicone and hard plastic construction, as well as being billed as waterproof. The seam between the plastic and silicone components makes its ability to be fully submerged without problem somewhat questionable, but this toy is at the least very splashproof. After ensuring that the charging port is securely covered with its silicone tab, Zook may be washed with warm water and antibacterial soap or a 10% bleach solution. Take care to remove fluids trapped in crevices and between the clitoral arm and shaft as they easily accumulate here. A toothpick may be gently applied ridges between the silicone and hard plastic portions or anywhere else on the toy, but be cautious so you don't puncture or tear the material. Avoid using water that is too hot to clean your Zook as this could compromise the mechanical functioning. Never boil or cycle through a dishwasher in order to clean.

Silicone is fully compatible with oil and water based lubes, but should never be used with silicone based lubricants as these can bond to the material and permanently damage it. Silicone can also damage softer materials made from anything less than 100% silicone; rubber, jelly, TPR/TPE and other soft materials should be stored separate from the Zook and other 100% silicone toys. The included lint-free pouch will adequately protect your Zook and also keep it free from lint, hair and dust.

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