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Better Than Bamboo By Far!

If you're looking for a G-spot vibrator that delivers light clitoral vibrations, the Zini Zook is for you. It's unique, quiet, silky-smooth, and has more features and vibration patterns than you could ever imagine. "Zook" and "luxury" are synonymous due to its rechargeable capabilities, silicone material, and gorgeous LED light display. If you don't mind a toy that isn't girthy, don't pass up the Zini Zook. It's not just beautiful; It's a powerful toy that is deserving of its price tag.
- One-year warranty
- Rechargeable
- High-quality silicone
- Light-up display
- Tons of features
- Weak clitoral attachment
- May not be girthy enough for some
- Not entirely waterproof
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The Zini Zook is most traditionally intended to be used as a G-spot style rabbit vibrator. Both G-spot toys and rabbit toys are anatomy-dependent, and may not work for some people. However, I think that the Zook does a good job of covering most measurements because of the thick, bulbous head and broad clitoral stimulator. I was worried at first that the clitoral attachment might not work for me because I have a small clitoris, but it cradles it nicely and gently.

This fancy toy isn't just got g-spotting, though. The head of the toy can be used directly on your clitoris, if you're looking for stronger vibrations than the clitoral attachment can offer. In this sense, you could also use the head for other parts of your body, such as your nipples. This toy is also safe for anal because if the clitoral attachment didn't stop you (and I congratulate you if you can make it past it), the control console should. However, since the toy is meant for g-spotting, the insertable portion isn't very long, and it may not be very satisfying anally if you like length.

The Zook is perfect for solo time, but it can also be used by couples. For example, you could insert the toy into your vagina, and just lay back and relax while your partner works the controls. This can really add to the experience because you won't know when the vibrations will change, and what's going to happen next. This toy claims to be waterproof, but I'd say it's more of a splash-proof toy. I'm not sure I would want to risk water seeping into the charging port, even with the plug covering it. The booklet confirms that it is a splash-proof toy, rather than a waterproof toy. In the beginning of the booklet, it states that it's waterproof but later on, it says it's splash-proof. I would rather trust the later statement and not ruin my pricey toy.
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Zook is made in Korea. Everything on it except for the control console is made of silicone. The control console is made of PC and ABS plastic. Silicone has a safety rating of 10 and plastic has a safety rating of 8. There is a slight smell and taste, but neither are unpleasant and you can't detect them unless you really try, such as sniffing right against the toy and licking a large portion of it.

Being that it is made of silicone, it is hypoallergenic, latex-free, non-porous, and phthalate-free. Silicone is a high-quality, food-grade material that is anti-bacterial in nature. Silicone can normally be sterilized by boiling, but this toy cannot because it is motorized so do NOT boil this toy. You can, however, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. Once sterilized, this toy should be fairly safe for sharing, so long as you're comfortable with the possibility of bodily fluids mixing.

The texture of the Zook is insanely smooth. This is my first silicone toy so I'm not sure how others feel, but from what I can tell based on other reviews, the smoothness of this toy is something special. It is so velvety soft and luxurious-feeling, that the first thing my boyfriend and I did with it was rub our hands all over it. I cannot stress how great this toy feels. Because it is so smooth, lube isn't really necessary but if you do use lube, a little will go a long way, due to the toy's non-porous nature. The silicone doesn't attract hair and dirt like some toys, and any that gets on it is easily brushed off. There are a few small ridges on the shaft near and on the clitoral attachment, but these are purely decorative and not felt once in use. The ridge on the G-spot head, however, is felt so if you like some texture, this toy is good for you. If texture bothers you, then you might want to look elsewhere. The ridge didn't bother me and in fact, I believe it added to the experience.

    • Not porous at all
    • Ribbed
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design for the Zook is inspired by bamboo. I think they captured the look well, especially with the green and white version of this toy. I really like the look of it. My Zook is wine-colored and white. I really like the deep purple of it. The design and the LED light system makes this toy seem almost futuristic. Based on aesthetics alone, this is my favorite toy. It's just so beautiful and fun to touch. My only complaint with the design has to do with the control console. It's hard to see in the picture I've provided, but there is a small gap between the buttons and the rest of the console. Because of this, I further stand by my assumption that the Zook is not waterproof, but merely splash-proof.

The curve of the G-spot head works for me. This is my first G-spotting toy and I don't quite have the technique down, but this toy definitely gets me in the right places. The clitoral attachment also hits my clitoris fine, but due to the flexible nature of it, it doesn't apply much pressure. This isn't good if you need stronger pressure on your clitoris to get off, but this is good in the sense that this toy will work for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Since the motor isn't located in the clitoral attachment, it can be bent back very far, so don't worry about if it will fit you or not.

The Zook weighs 6 oz. The full length of the toy is about 8 3/8". The insertable portion is 3 1/2". The G-spotting head has a width of about 1 1/2" and a circumference of 4 1/8". It is curved at 23.5 degrees. The thinnest portion of the Zook has a width of 5/8" and a circumference of about 2 2/8". Unbent, the clitoral attachment sticks out on the bottom at a length of 5/8" and on the top at a length of 1 3/8", but flexibility can make it bend to farther lengths. The length of the cord used for recharging is about 4' 11" without the jack, and the part you plug into the wall. Plugged into the wall (excluding the metal bits that go into the outlet), it will stick out about 3 3/8".

- Weight
6 oz.

- Entire Toy
Full Length: 8 3/8"
Insertable Length: 3 1/2"
Smallest Width: 5/8"
Smallest Circumference: 2 2/8"

- G-Spot Head
Width: 1 1/2"
Circumference: 4 1/8"
Curve: 23.5 degrees

- Clitoral Attachment
Bottom Height: 5/8"
Top Height: 1 3/8"

- Recharging Cable
Cord Length: 4' 11"
Outlet Portion Length: 3 3/8"

Zini Views

Comparison with the only other rabbit vibrator I own, the Classic Rabbit Pearl
Rabbit Comparison
    • Beginner
    • Futuristic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two different motors in the Zook. One is located in the G-spot head. The other is located below the clitoral attachment. Note that I said "below" and not "in". Because of this, the vibrations in the clitoral attachment aren't very strong. In fact, I hardly feel them in use at all, and I'm usually pretty sensitive. The good thing is that the clitoral attachment is easily bent out of the way, if you want to put a separate clitoral vibrator in its place. The vibrations for the Zook are rumbly vibrations that are felt deep within the body. They aren't buzzy vibrations at all. If you use the Zook on the lowest four speed settings without any patterns, it is extremely quiet. If you use it on the fifth setting or with patterns, it gets a bit louder. Either way, the vibrations cannot be heard outside of a door, especially with the help of some background noise.

Once you get the hang of all the different functions, the Zook is incredibly easy to use. You can control the whole thing using only three buttons, a plus (+) button, a minus (-) button, and a mode (o) button. Pressing the plus (+) button once turns the toy on. From there, you can press the plus (+) button to increase the speed four times, making the toy have five speeds/strengths in all. Holding the plus (+) button for two (2) seconds turbos the Zook instantly to its highest speed. Pressing the minus (-) button decreases the speed, and holding the minus (-) button for two (2) seconds turns the Zook off, regardless of what speed or pattern you're on. When you press the mode (o) button, that's when you get to the fun part of the Zook.

There are fifteen (15) different vibration patterns to this toy, all with their own LED light color so you can clearly see what pattern you're on, in addition to feeling it. This really helps you remember your favorite settings, by remembering the colors that go with them. The colors and patterns are hard to explain, but I've tried my best to do so. It's better to just see for yourself!

1.) White: Escalation - Low to High (Slow)
2.) Seafoam: Escalation - Low to High (Medium)
3.) Light Blue: Escalation - Low to High (Fast)
4.) Chartreuse: Rollercoaster - G-spot to Clitoris (Medium)
5.) Red: Rollercoaster - G-spot to Clitoris (Fast)
6.) Gold: Rollercoaster - G-spot to Clitoris (Slow with Pause)
7.) Green: Escalation - G-spot (Slow) and Two End Pulses to Clitoris (Fast)
8.) Orange: Escalation - Low to High (Slow with Pause)
9.) Light Green: Escalation - Low to High (Medium) and Two End Pulses to Clitoris (Fast)
10.) Magenta: Pulsing - Fast
11.) Salmon: Pulsing - Fast with Pause
12.) Blue: Pulsing - Medium
13.) Fuchsia: Pulsing - Fast with End Buzz
14.) Spring Green: Pulsing - Medium with End Buzz
15.) Peach: Buzz - Fast and Constant

Besides the stated, there are even more functions to the Zook. Holding the plus (+) button for two (2) seconds while the toy is on, a pattern will turn the LED light colors on or off. When the toy is off, you can put it into Travel Lock, by holding the minus (-) button first, adding the plus (+) button, and holding them both simultaneously for two (2) seconds. When the toy is in Travel Lock, it won't accidentally turn on and won't be able to be used until you do the same thing again to turn the Travel Lock off. Trying to use the toy while its in Travel Lock, will result in nothing more than the LED light showing red. This is great for travelling (obviously), and also for storage. Finally, you can check the battery charge when the toy is off, by holding the mode (o) button for two (2) seconds. The LED light color displayed shows you how much power the toy has. These colors also correspond to those displayed while the toy is charging.

- Charging
Blue - 100% Power

- Charging/Not Charging
Green - Over 95% Power
Light Green - 70%-95% Power
Yellow - 50%-70% Power
Orange - 10%-50% Power
Red - 0%-10% Power

- Not Charging
Red (Blinks Ten [10] Times Then Shuts Off) - 0% Power

Important note: As stated before, I don't really think the Zook is waterproof so I would not submerge it. It is, however, splash-proof and you should be able to clean it without too much worry about ruining it. Just make sure that the plug is firmly inserted into the charging port before you start cleaning it.
    • Discreet sound
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

The Zook is incredibly simple to clean. It can't be boiled like non-motorized, waterproof silicone toys, but it can be cleaned in other ways. Simple soap and water is good for a quick clean-up. Wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution can be used to sterilize the toy. Since the toy is smooth and there aren't any deep crevices, it's easy to get all the post-use residue off. The only place that needs some extra attention is where the clitoral attachment meets the shaft and even then, it's pretty simple to clean. Because of the silky-smooth velvety silicone, residue comes right off with water. After you're done cleaning, the water also slides right off the toy so you won't have to worry about leaving your toy out for too long, to dry before putting it away.

The only lube that's compatible with the Zook, as with other silicone toys, is water-based. Oil-based and silicone-based lubricants will degrade your toy, so make sure to keep them away from your toy. You also have to watch out for your Zook touching other toys. If it touches other toys for a while, depending on the material (including other silicone toys), they may both "melt" and you don't want that to happen. It is best to keep your Zook in the box it came in, the pouch provided, or a plastic bag or similar method to keep it isolated. Do not store the toy in direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Since the Zook is rechargeable, there are no batteries necessary. When your Zook starts getting low on power, simply plug it in and let it charge. When you first receive your Zook, charge it before even turning it on. I can't stress that enough. This, as well as charging your toy before it's completely drained of power, will help to prolong the life of your toy. While it's charging for the first time, take the time to look through the booklets the Zook comes with, and familiarize yourself with its controls and functions. The average charge time usually takes about two hours, and you'll be able to use your toy for about two to three hours, before it needs charging again. This information is based on the booklet provided, and it seems to hold true to life. It cautions not to let your Zook charge for more than 24 hours, but you really shouldn't charge it more than is necessary, anyway. To prolong the life of your toy, you should try to charge it after every 1 1/2 hours of use, or 60 days of non-use.
    • Easy to clean


The Zini Zook comes in a sturdy black box with a diamond pattern all over it. It has Zini in silver letters on the bottom right of the top lid, and it clasps shut magnetically. When you first get your toy, the box will be encased in a plastic bag. There is a green piece of cardboard wrapped around it, and a QC sticker on the box's flap. This sticker is used to prevent tampering because it is meant to break in the middle when the box is opened. However, it doesn't really work too well. My boyfriend and I weren't paying attention when we opened our Zook box, and since we didn't know this was how the sticker worked, we managed to take the entire sticker off pretty easily without breaking it. This isn't to say that your toy will be tampered with, but it was an observation I felt I should mention. The box is pretty big so if you take all of the contents out, you could even use it to store multiple toys. It's also very discreet-looking so you could easily use it for a gift box.

Inside the box, you'll find something similar to a clam-shell case that will be holding your Zook. Simply raise the top by pulling on the attached ribbon, and you'll be able to take your toy out. If you take this entire plastic piece out, you'll find two multilingual booklets (one quick-start guide and one informational user manual), your recharging cable, and a toy pouch. The booklets are very informative and tell you everything you need to know in eight different languages. The user manual also has information on the one-year warranty that comes with every new Zini toy so make sure to keep your receipt (if you have one) and the serial number of your Zook. As far as I can tell, the serial number only exists on the cardboard sleeve that covers your Zook's box so make sure not to throw this away, at least until you've registered your Zook on the Zini website. The toy pouch that comes with it has the same pattern as the box and your Zook can fit in it nicely. I, however, don't use it for that. I store my Zook in the original clam-shell case, and I use the toy pouch to store three of my smaller vibrators (Passion Bullets Dual, Xtreme Pack G-spot Bullet, and High Intensity Bullet) and the N-battery that one of them takes (though I'll probably throw in the other batteries soon, as well). Surprisingly, there is still even a little more room left in the pouch. It's a pretty great pouch and a lot bigger than it looks.


Storage Pouch
Storage Pouch
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

(I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for the low quality of the pictures provided in this review. I only have an outdated cell phone to take pictures with so, I'm lucky to even be able to take any pictures at all.)

I love my Zook but I'm a little disappointed in the weak vibrations of the clitoral attachment. I don't have any other Zini products, but if the Ran works like the Zook, I wish I had gotten it, instead, because then I could just bypass the whole "moving the clitoral attachment aside for a better vibrator" part. It has a slightly different design but I assume they're pretty much the same, besides the lack of a clitoral attachment and different color choices. The Zini Hua is very much like the Zook, as well, but with a bigger clitoral attachment. I'm not sure if it's bigger because the motor is located inside, but if so, I definitely would choose that toy over either of the previously mentioned, after doing proper research and seeing if it is of the same quality as the Zook.


My experiences with the Zook have been pleasant so far. The first time I ever used it was to warm myself up before using it vaginally. I used the head on my clitoris and tested out the settings. The vibrations were wonderful and I came very quickly. I've yet to achieve a solely G-spot orgasm yet, but this is through no fault of the toy. My first experiences with G-spotting have been with this toy and I'm simply not used to it and don't yet have the patience or comfort level to get there. The Zook is definitely helping me, though. The G-spotting head hits me in all the right places and the clitoral attachment, though weak, hits my clitoris well, too. My last experience with the toy involved using it to masturbate in front of my boyfriend. He used it on me at first, and that was pleasant because I didn't know exactly what vibration pattern he was going to choose next. I love this toy and I recommend it to anyone, especially if you don't mind the clitoral attachment not being very strong, and the shaft not being very girthy.

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