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Welcome to My garden of dark delights...

A place to find all of your kinky needs and unique toys. I have searched Eden high and low to bring as many uniquely shaped toys and Kinky delights to one place. Please Enjoy.

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Magic Wand Original Magic Wand Original
Powerful, a must have for forced orgasm play!


Vanity Vr6 Vanity Vr6
$104.29 $148.99
One of 3 styles Eden offers of the Jopen Gspot and clitoral vibes.


We-vibe Touch We-vibe Touch


Pocket fairy Pocket fairy


Vanity Vr3 Vanity Vr3
$97.29 $138.99
I just love the shape of these toys!


Fairy wand massager Fairy wand massager


Vanity Vr7 Vanity Vr7
$140.00 $200.00
its rechargeable!


Bull nose nipple jewelry Bull nose nipple jewelry
Lovely, adjustable nipple clamps.


Vanity Vr10 Vanity Vr10
$167.29 $238.99
Little bunny foofoo...


Rainbow G Rainbow G
$12.49 $24.99
Best in show, at least in my opinon


Interchangeable crop top system Interchangeable crop top system
Gotta love this idea!


Black rose rosie restraints Black rose rosie restraints
Purple restraints

Total products: 14
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Rose's Garden of Delights forum
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Nice store, thanks.


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