Rotating Bead Vibrators

catalunalilith catalunalilith
Does anyone know of a rotating vibrator that rotates very well (preferably with beads, but i'm willing to do without those) that doesn't have 'ears'/a clitoral attachment?

If not, is there any to remove the clitoral attachment from a toy without damaging the rest of the toy or making it unsafe?
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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
There are a few of them. Just by using the search engine I've found:
Colt rotating beaded probe
Sensuous rotator – vibrating probe - tough this one is made from smelly-jelly so you might pass that one up.

There are also rabbits with bullets on cords:
Rolling stud
Platinum Fussion
G-spot Tango
Nichole G Nichole G
The Colt rotating beaded probe link is going to be your best choice. It rotates & also has beads. Hope this helps!
mudpie mudpie
Thanks for making this thread! I love the rotating beads on my rabbit but as a whole it doesn't quite work for me, so now I totally want the Colt.
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