Anal beads - safe removal and cleaning tips?

Anal beads - safe removal and cleaning tips?

Arlinnae Arlinnae
Did you try anal beads? The small bendy long ones? That would not remain clean when removed... yuck.
Do you have any tips for effective cleaning? I have a few, made from different materials, silicone, jelly, rubber, plastic, etc, but I find it impossible to get rid of the smell.

Any suggestions?
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ScottA ScottA
Beads definitely can have a "yuck" factor.

There are two ways to go about cleanliness. One way is to use a smallish warm water enema or two before play. This reduces the likelihood of the toy getting very messy in the first place.

The second way is to take care of things after the fact. Two paper towels that can be folded over the toy can be a good way to start, then you can either wipe it off with them or slosh it around in a sink.

Scent removal is the most difficult. Silicone can be sanitized and pretty much completely cleaned, so I'd stick with that. What happens is that some smelly compounds latch onto silicone the same way that the red from tomatoes latches onto Tupperware. Removal can be hard - try soaking in a strongish hot dishwashing detergent/water mix for an hour or so. Another one that seems to work OK is certain shampoos - let it sit for a while, then rinse in hot water.
mastersonv mastersonv
Cleaning is difficult. I agree with everything the person above said and if you get silicone you can try this new dawn dishsoap that cleans like an overnight soak in 5 minutes the stuff works like a champ. Even so I personally get rid of my anal beads after about 6 months and get a new pair. I'm not into enemas and they can only be cleaned so well by any means.
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