#AskEden - Sharing a public wishlist

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#AskEden - Sharing a public wishlist

Doll In Dungarees Doll In Dungarees
Is there an option to share a public wishlist so that it won't link back to your profile. I wouldn't want to share my wishlist with anyone in real life, if it links to my EF profile.

To make one that doesn't link to my profile would I have to make a new account for wishlist sharing?
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indiglo indiglo
You are correct. Public wishlists link back to your profile, and the only way to prevent that would be having a separate profile just for wishlists. However, Eden also doesn't allow 2 accounts from the same IP address due to possible abuse of the system. So you might be stuck, unless someone else knows something I don't know. (Which is a distinct and definite possibility! )
Kindred Kindred
I believe indiglo is correct. One of the functions of a wishlist is so others can buy items for you off of the list. To do so, I would think it would have to link back to your profile.

However, if you are simply hoping to share a list of items, you could use the Compare feature and email it to a friend or create a public URL that can be shared.
AskEden AskEden
Thanks for the right answers Indiglo and Kindred!

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