#SexIsSocial - November 2012 Writing Contest - The Winners!

Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray

We regret to inform you that we've decided not to make a decision in the November writing contest. We can't. Y'all are just too good.

And if you believe that, I've got oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

The choice was a hard one, but we've got some winners. Here's what they'll win:

The Prizes

1st Place: $100 cash for each of the winner's next three published articles (subject to approval - articles must be in accordance with submission guidelines), possibility of a long term paid writing agreement, and homepage feature.

2nd Place: $75 gift card and homepage feature.

3rd Place: $50 gift card and homepage feature.

Community Choice Award: A homepage feature and an EdenFantasys Tote full of these Fun Factory products in your favorite color (dependent upon stock): Toyfluid, Minivibe Little Paul, Flexi Felix, Bandito. Plus? What gift basket would be complete without our awesome Eden Toy and Body Wipes? You'll be all set for a play session alone or with a partner within minutes of arrival!

How to Claim Your Prize
All winners must email rayne@edenfantasys.com to claim their prize. Any prizes not claimed within 90 days will be forfeit. Here's what your email should include:

1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize: Include the name listed below and which prize you won.
Community Choice Award: Include the name listed below, your mailing address and the colors in which you want each toy.

And now...

The Winners

1st Place: Your Shape Shifting Vagina! by butts

Did you know that your vagina changes shape when you get aroused? Butts told us all about it in this article.

From the article:

Everyone and their neighbor knows that penises get erect and swell with blood when a male is aroused in order to penetrate a partner, and it secretes pre-cum for lubricant. Isn't it incredible? Erectile tissue, special glands, all of those amazing things that make sex so fascinating and fun. While it's totally common knowledge that penises do those things, did you know that vaginas do similar things? Most people just don't know because you can't see it, it's internal!

2nd Place: Sex and Depression by skeeterlynn

How does depression affect your sex life? What can you do about it?

From the article:

Depression can leave you not wanting to get out of bed or off the couch for simple things such as even eating. You can feel left out by the world and isolated due to the feeling of being unwanted and sad and miss out of a lot of activities and events that are going on around you. Not only can it make you lose interest in having sex, but it can put a lot of tension on a relationship even though strong relationships can actually help depression.

3rd Place: Submissive's Guide to Giving Head by lovesexandmarriage

Wanna give a good, submissive blow job? Yes, submissive. There is a difference.

From the article:

First and foremost, if you want to be submissive while giving head, then you have to be submissive. It sounds silly, given the topic, I know, but it’s something we sometimes forget. If you want to be a sub, you must hand over control. That means get on your knees and let him take the lead in all manners: depth, tempo, and pace. This can be hard to do, particularly with something like oral sex, where you are used to doing the work, but it's the key to submission and it’s not any different with giving head.

Community Choice Award: Confessions of a Stripper: The Champagne Room Unveiled - Part 3 - The rest of the story. by LoriandHubby

No matter what a stripper tells you, there's no sex in the Champagne Room. If you don't believe Chris Rock, take Lori's word for it.

From the article:

For the first time in my career as a stripper a customer had come back to confront me about our champagne party. For the first time, someone wanted me to answer for hustling them out of thousands of dollars. For the first time, I had to take a deep and long look at myself. I had to evaluate what I was doing. For the first time, I realized that I did not like what I had become. I did not like it one single bit.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone for your participation. You all did an excellent job! We hope you'll participate in our next writing contest. Yep! There's going to be another one. So keep your eyes peeled!

Going On Now

Right now, we're voting on the Community Choice Topic Suggestions for our monthly contest! The people who suggest the three most popular topics will win EdenPoints to shop with at EdenFantasys.com. So pop over to this thread right here and suggest the topics you're most interested in. Deadline's tomorrow!

And we're always accepting quality content from anyone who has something to say on the subjects of sex and sexuality. It's really simple. All you need is a free EdenFantasys.com account. Then, just find the "Publish SexIs Article" link in your EdenFantasys dashboard, enter your article into the system, and submit it to our editors for review. You can find the details here in the SexIs Social Submission Guidelines.

Please feel free to email any questions you have about SexIs Social and the writing contest to me, Rayne, at rayne[at]edenfantasys[dot]com.
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Originally posted by Rayne Millaray

We regret to inform you that we've decided not to make a decision in the November writing contest. We can't. Y'all are just too good.

And if you believe that, I've got oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. ... More
Congrats to butts, skeeterlynn, lovesexandmarriage and LoriandHubby! You all deserve it! There were so many amazing articles this contest! I enjoyed reading them all. I can't wait to see what else you guys have in the works!
Kitka Kitka
Congrats to you all! Great job
Kindred Kindred
Congratulations all!
skeeterlynn skeeterlynn
Originally posted by Rayne Millaray

We regret to inform you that we've decided not to make a decision in the November writing contest. We can't. Y'all are just too good.

And if you believe that, I've got oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. ... More
:o Yay! Thank you and congrats to everyone else as well. You all did an AMAZING job! Sometimes it's hard to think of something, or just hard to let yourself express certain things. Everyone did amazingly
Sammi Sammi
Congratulations, everyone!
lovesexandmarriage lovesexandmarriage
Awe! I just freaked out when I saw this, bouncing up and down on the couch! Congrats everyone. And thank you!! *hugs and kisses*
butts butts
I JUST SCREAMED. Thank you for your support everyone! I can't wait to continue writing for SexIs!
butts butts
And of course, congrats to the other winners as well! You guys all wrote really awesome articles, looking forward to reading more from all of you!
sktb0007 sktb0007
Congrats everyone!
kitty1949 kitty1949
Congrats, guys
Femme Mystique Femme Mystique
Congrats to all the winners!
Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
Thank you so very much to everyone who voted. I truly had a blast writing my series and I'm so happy you enjoyed reading it.

Congrats to all the winners!
Sunny Meadows Sunny Meadows
Congrats to all winners!
wicked weasel wicked weasel
Those were all good reading.
Great job everyone!!!
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