Anal Sex Advice - Help Please!

melliegirl melliegirl
i'm a girl who used to have anal sex a decent amount; however lately my guy doesn't seem to want it. I'll suggest it when i ask him what he wants and he says no. He used to love anal and craved it alot but now we haven't had anal in months. Help me! How can i get him back into anal? I miss it
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SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Have an open conversation with him of why he's not into it anymore...that should give you some answers. I wish I could help more, but from my experiences I have never had him turn down anal, sorry.
Istanbull Istanbull
Move on to a guy who does want it and will appreciate it. There's plenty of us out there who would do anything to be with a women who has your needs and may never find one.
C&K0143 C&K0143
Men have different preferences than women. SecretKinksters is exactly right. You need to have an open and honest conversation with him and find out what changed. If he simply doesn’t enjoy it anymore then you should not push him into it, pardon the pun. It’s just as wrong for you to pressure as it would be for him to pressure you to do something you didn’t want/like.

Personally, I would say avoid any advice that encourages treating him as a piece of meat. Just because he may not like something you do is no reason to kick him to the curb.
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