What to do with a slightly too large butt plug?

Contributor: mountainjewel mountainjewel
I don't consider myself new to anal sex, my husband and I have anal sex fairly frequently. Since I generally have more intense orgasms this way, I do enjoy it. I recently bought a butt plug since I was curious about wearing it throughout the day, or while my husband penetrates my vaginally. I didn't go with anything obscenely big, something billed as "medium" since I wasn't completely new, but not advanced either. The problem is that I can't get it inserted without sharp, uncomfortable pain just as I'm about the get the widest part past the internal sphincter. I've spent several hours researching something smaller, but all seem to be about the same diameter as the dildo I already use anally, so it seems pointless to buy a smaller anal toy.

So my question- is there a way to use the medium size plug to begin to gently stretch the inner sphincter? How long/frequently should this be done? Or if I'm close to getting the widest part in, should I just take a deep breath and force it in the last little bit?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Kindred Kindred
Originally posted by mountainjewel
I don't consider myself new to anal sex, my husband and I have anal sex fairly frequently. Since I generally have more intense orgasms this way, I do enjoy it. I recently bought a butt plug since I was curious about wearing it throughout the day, ... more
Do not force anything in if it is painful. That will potentially lead to serious damage/injury.

You could try warming up with a smaller toy first, like a dildo. Often I find that if I use a dildo to thrust first, I can then move up to a larger sized toy pretty easily. Please, don't force it. Remember, you also have to get it back out which may be harder than getting it in.
Contributor: Two Grand Two Grand
As Kindred said,I would try a smaller one first then move up,t forget lots of lube lube for anal use needs to be thicker, and just go SLOW.
Contributor: travelnurse travelnurse
I have the one that I reviewed that I cannot insert. I am working on smaller plugs and taking a couple of weeks before I try to use it again. I agree with Kindred, if it hurts, DON'T USE IT!!!
Contributor: Beck Beck
Is it a firm material (metal, glass, etc?) It sounds like a firm material. If you are having pain and it's a firm material; try to order a soft material in that size to use first. It's likely uncomfortable and painful because it's a unforgiving material. Get use to the size from the soft material and move to a firmer material. Try silicone and then move to glass or metal.
Contributor: babyrock babyrock
instead of thinking about training your body on a per session basis, try to do it over a period of days. your body needs time to relax.
Contributor: FantasyFanatic FantasyFanatic
I got myself my first butt plug a few weeks back, The Sasha Grey "Medium", which turned out to not be very medium at all, it's pretty big. But I've grown to love it! It takes a lot of lube, and A LOT of time and patience to get it in.
I'll give a little "tutorial", you can try if you like;
First, get a pillow and set it on the floor. Get something like an old towel that you don't mind getting lube on and place it on the floor as well. Get on your knees, and lay your head on the pillow (now your ass should be in the air, with a slight arch in your back).
Now lube up the plug. If it's a glass plug, I suggest system JO silicone lube. With your lubed hand, put a couple fingers inside, pull them out, lube them excessively, put them back in. Repeat that a couple times to get your ass nice and slippery. Then, grab the handle of your plug with your clean hand and start to insert it. Stick it in to the point where it starts to feel uncomfortable, and leave it there for a minute or so until it becomes comfortable. Repeat this process, adding more lube to the plug and inserting it a little further every time. As I said before, this is going to take a while, but be patient, it will pay off. Once you get to the widest point, repeat the above process a few times even if it's already comfortable to put it in that far (just to make sure everything is loosened up enough)
At this point, you shouldn't even have to push it in. Once you get past the widest point, the plug will just slide the rest of the way in. And it will feel AMAZING. Clench your ass, and unclench a few times and you'll be in heaven
Now this part, you don't HAVE to do, but I do just for good measure (plus it really gets things uh... flowing ^.-)
Relax your entire body including your sphincter muscles, and pull the plug out very slowly. You can also use the same muscles you use when you make a poo to "push" it out, if you're having a little trouble. It might hurt a bit the first time, but it'll get easier. Once it's out, give it another thick coat of lube and stick it back in. It will still be a "tight fit", so I'd suggest taking it slow. Do this once or twice more, just to give yourself an idea of how it feels when you pull it out. Now you can leave it there!
At this point, if you're like me, you'll be in pure ecstasy. It'll feel like you're having one constant orgasm that's building up to an ultra sized cumfest of epic proportions XD
The first few times, I wouldn't suggest leaving it in for more that an hour, or long enough to get off. It might feel good, but your ass still isn't used to this

You could also do all of this laying on your back, with your legs spread in the air (or resting on something, as long as your feet are higher than your ass and at least level with your knees). This would be more comfortable for some, but the first position is the one that seems to work best/fastest for me.
Well, that's it. I'm sorry that this ended up being so long... I was just trying to be as informative as possible. If you read this far, thanks for bearing through it! And have fun doll
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
Go slow, push it in as far as is comfortable and hold it for a while. Take deep breaths, push out a bit, cough once or twice, let it ride where it is (don't force it in!) and then take it out. Try again later.

Oh, and the #1 secret tip: Warm up the plug with warmish-hot water first.
Contributor: CaliGirl CaliGirl
Good lube, deep breath, relax....and if it still hurts...Don't do it.
Contributor: ToyGeek ToyGeek
A nice, thick lube, and perhaps an orgasm first? The best wisdom is to never force anything anally, lest you hurt yourself, but perhaps play with it up to the point of discomfort repeatedly until you relax enough for it to not hurt any more.
Contributor: Simon12345 Simon12345
Originally posted by mountainjewel
I don't consider myself new to anal sex, my husband and I have anal sex fairly frequently. Since I generally have more intense orgasms this way, I do enjoy it. I recently bought a butt plug since I was curious about wearing it throughout the day, ... more
Hey Mountainjewel I understand your problem as I also enjoy the larger size but plugs but often am challenged to fit the larger plugs in you know where. You need to work your way up. Start of with but plugs that are easy to insert and than try to fit a larger plug in. Before you know it you will be able to fit the larger size but plugs in that you originally thought not possible!

Good luck and have fun!
Contributor: The ~Pegging~ Meg The ~Pegging~ Meg
Although many would say that you shouldn't go big when going anal, I disagree. The fun of anal is in stretching! Training. You will gradually build up to a point where you will be able to take the biggest of toys - if you want to.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I have a pretty easy routine for getting my butt plugs in comfortably. While in the shower I lube up my fingers with hair conditioner. I then insert 1, then 2, them even 3 fingers, gradually relaxing the sphincter.

If I'm going for my larger plug, I will spread my fingers apart - giving an even better stretch. It should never hurt - take it slow and use lots of lube.

When I'm ready to put it in - it's also lubes with the conditioner, I'll work it in, then several times during the shower I will pull it out and reinsert several times.

As you can gather this is more than a way to avoid pain - it's quite enjoyable and gets me ready for anal sex like no other method that I have tried.

Hope this helps!
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
I read some say to take a deep breath. For me, I hold my breathe then push out on the butthole muscle. Kinda like a reverse pucker..

For larger new bp's I used a tapered similar sized dildo first to open and stretch some. Key word is tapered, sit on it few times then insert your new plug before your sphincter starts closing. Of course ass, dil and plug need to be adequately lubed.