I'd like to know suggestions

Contributor: PinkSunsets PinkSunsets
I'm planning on trying anal sex with my boyfriend and I'm curious to know what type of vibrator I should use. I've been looking around and I seen a few decent ones I guess I'm just looking for options and like to know the best choice. I'd like to hear from others opinions and suggestions. Thanks.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: RemusHalifax RemusHalifax
If you're looking to start simply, I'd go with something of a small diameter and a smooth texture. I can't pull up any specific examples because I haven't bought any anal vibrators yet, but I do know that ridges can be painful and rough if you're not completely relaxed and lubed up.
Contributor: PinkSunsets PinkSunsets
It's one that I'm going to use vaginally while he's doing anal, sorry forgot to add that in there.
Contributor: ~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Originally posted by PinkSunsets
It's one that I'm going to use vaginally while he's doing anal, sorry forgot to add that in there.
Oh that makes it totally different. You should find a soft not huge one.
Contributor: Tidwtrguy Tidwtrguy
You could also try a bullet for your clit rather than a full size vibrator. Even an average size vibrator (in the vagina) can compete for space when he is in your back door but, everyone's body is different. The nice thing about a bullet is that you get the sensation where you want it and it isn't cumbersome or in the way.
Contributor: PinkSunsets PinkSunsets
Thanks, I'll take a look around. I'm sure I'll end up finding something.
Contributor: Epicurean Epicurean
I was also going to suggest a bullet, if you're just looking to loosen up a bit while he enters you. I always stimulate my clit manually when I'm being penetrated anally - it really does help relax your muscles and make it easier! - but a vibrator would be great there too. If you still want something vaginal though, I would go with anything slim and soft.