Anal play lovers, time to "fess up". Do you use a lube with any numbing agent in it?

Bignuf Bignuf
We have read in a lot of comments here about how to "never use lube with a numbing agent" to avoid injury. I also see there are still lots of anal lubes out there with Benzocaine, Lidocaine or other "natural" numbing agents in them. So, how many of us regular anal players actually are using lubes with numbing agents?
(Kind of like Q-Tips....they warn you "never put them in your ears", but I saw a study that over 80% of regular buyers of Q-Tips admit to putting them in their ears)!!! Is this the same deal? Let's find out. I am even making this a "private" vote, so people can be honest and not chided by others!
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Jan 26, 12:35 pm
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dv8 dv8
I wouldn't use a numbing agent. Pain is an important indicator to stop playing.
Jan 27, 12:05 am
Two Grand Two Grand
Never have never will.
Jan 27, 1:38 pm
smalltalkingbit smalltalkingbit
Originally posted by dv8
I wouldn't use a numbing agent. Pain is an important indicator to stop playing.
I completely agree. A numbing agent would make it more difficult to tell when I'm adequately warmed up for safe anal play.
Jan 27, 11:59 pm
edeneve edeneve
Originally posted by dv8
I wouldn't use a numbing agent. Pain is an important indicator to stop playing.
so, so true. if painful, not playful.
Jan 28, 3:07 pm
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Numbing agents are dangerous - the solution is adequate warmup and plenty of 'traditional' lubes. Our favorite lube these days is coconut oil. It's fantastic! Inexpensive - 25x less that over-the-counter lubes. Has antibacterial properties - and melts at body temperature.

Since it's solid at room temperature - I can take a big dollop (remember its cheap) and slip it into her ass - where it immediately melts and provides great internal lubrication without the need for 'shooters'.

Clean up is a snap - even though its an oil - warm soap and water provides an easy clean up.
Jan 28, 3:12 pm
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by dv8
I wouldn't use a numbing agent. Pain is an important indicator to stop playing.
I agree with that statement, in principle. In reality, I know many people who use such lubes, I have myself, and they sure do sell a lot of different ones out there, so somebody is buying the stuff.
Jan 28, 10:34 pm
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by edeneve
so, so true. if painful, not playful.
I agree, in that I am all about "all gain, no pain".
Jan 28, 10:35 pm
Fetisha Fetisha
I completely agree with pain being an important indicator to change something. It's particularly thin skin there and can tear easily, and being able to prevent it from getting to that point is important. I've had light tearing a few times, and if I had used a numbing agent, it might had been worse.

I've never used a pain reducer for that, we always just go slow, work our way up, and if we just can't get it to feel right that time for some reason, we stop and put it off for next time.
Jan 29, 8:13 pm
Although I like to be 'Dom' in my long term sexual relationships, it is VERY important to me that my partners are enjoying what we're doing. So I have NEVER used a numbing agent, believing as the above posters that pain is an important signal that something isn't right. I'd rather my partner say something to stop what we're doing, than to continue and injure themselves. A little discomfort may be OK at the beginning, but if its real pain, then I haven't done enough as their lover to get them ready or in the mood.
Jan 29, 8:48 pm
Nope, we've always gone with the just start slow, make sure everything is properly lubricated, stop if overwhelmingly painful.
Jan 30, 8:22 pm
SweetSaffron SweetSaffron
I would be too concerned about damaging myself to use a numbing agent. If it hurts too much, then it's not going to happen. As I've heard from other camgirls: Some days just aren't "butt days"
Feb 7, 3:39 am
Yellow Dog Yellow Dog
Nope. If it hurts, you're doing it wrong.
Feb 22, 10:50 pm
RonLee RonLee
Nearly forty years ago my GF and I tried it. She wanted to feel me butt fucking her and it numbed her hole as well as my cock. We decided that it just wasn't for us. It was later that I realized that it just wasn't the lack of pleasurable sensation that made it an undesirable product, but as several people already said, pain is the indicator that it's being done wrong.
Sep 1, 1:08 pm
SexScienceAndFood SexScienceAndFood
As other's have said, pain is an indication that something is wrong. Most of the time, it isn't an issue of not enough lube. Almost always, it's that little known detail that you have two sphincter muscles! The outer one, you are quite familiar with, and is easy to will it relaxed. Just inside, is another! This one is involuntary (mostly) and pushing past this when it doesn't relax enough, is an easy source of pain and discomfort.
Sep 1, 2:50 pm
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