What was the reason to start anal sex?

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What was the reason to start anal sex?

Im wondering whats the main reason for someone to begin with anal sex?

For me it's not that common I guess: Im a real ass-man and like to watch porn with anal once a while. The more I watched it, the more I became curious how it would felt because it looked that the girls really enjoyed it (at least in the porn I watch, not to hardcore) So a couple of years ago I decide to buy a plug and try it....and so it started..
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Suisei Suisei
Honestly, the desire for anal sexuality has been there for quite a long time in my case. It's not something I really thought about until recently, but there were times during my childhood where I seemed drawn to my anal area... As if by instinct. I suppose that it is not that different from how a person first discovers genital masturbation. It likely happens to many people. They are curious about the anus, perhaps try touching it, and maybe they like the sensations.

It can continue from there, provided the individual enjoyed the feeling. We do what feels good, though society places quite a lot of stigma on subjects like anal sexuality. As a gay man, it felt 'normalized' somehow, even though it is an activity independent of orientation. There are many societal and personal barriers to enjoyment of anal play, but they're worth overcoming if it's something you enjoy in a healthful manner.

I highly recommend the book, "Anal Pleasure and Health". I'm reading it presently and it's very insightful.
jc123 jc123
I don't remember making a conscious decision to start. It just kind of happened, without any discussion or consideration. Seemed like a natural extension of whatever it was we were doing at the time.
lucyntheshy lucyntheshy
i dont know i have always been brave and i have the idea in my head were you dont knock it till you try it and i actually liked it bc i come allot harder
Supervixen Supervixen
Well, curiosity. I like expanding my sexual horizons, and anal sounded like a fun experiment. I was right.
Kiss Kiss
My boyfriend wanted to...I discovered that I like it and we did it last week, as a matter of fact!
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