Best toy for squirting.

ArsenicAlice ArsenicAlice

Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on which toy is the best for squirting.
I know g-spot toys, but I was wondering specifics. I've never squirted before, but I'd love to experience it.

If anyone could share their knowledge I'd love to know. (;
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Girly Juice Girly Juice
I haven't squirted yet, but I've come the closest with the Amethyst (a knockoff of Don Wands' Bent Graduate) and the Njoy Pure Wand. They are very firm and have fabulous G-spotting curves, allowing for a lot of pressure and stimulation on the G-spot.
Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
firm curved dildos are the best in my experience. the great the curve the better.
indiglo indiglo
I agree with Girly Juice. Amethyst or Bent Graduate have great records in that department. If you like vibration on your g-spot, you might consider Uma too, but that is much more of an investment than the 2 glass toys.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My wife's first squirting experience came using the Pure Wand. After learning she can now do it with many toys - including the real-deal!
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