What do you use kegel balls for???

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What do you use kegel balls for???

Jennifer87 Jennifer87
I have heard of kegals but what do you use kegals balls for and how do you use them? What is the benefits of them?
Sorry for sounding stupid on the subject, but i'm really curious
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Bleu Bleu
I've heard many reasons why people use kegals! From making sure you don't go into prolapse when you're older (when respective organs fall, can be anal, vaginal, etc), to have better orgasms, to stay tighter, to make sure you don't "leak" when you're old (bladder issues, can happen after the birth of a child since the PC muscles are weakened greatly), helping with pooping problems, etc.

I am scared of prolapse, peeing problems, and becoming too "loose" for my partner. I'm not all that experienced with sex but nothing is in my vagina 25 days out of the month so I might as well. The added benefit of the rest is awesome. I like the idea of being able to basically make my boyfriend come faster if I want to.

I just got into it recently and since my period was last week I haven't gotten them back in yet but I am def. going to make it part of my daily routine since it can't do any harm.

I think the prolapse and incontinence problems are the scariest, though. So when I have my kegal exercisers in I remind myself that I really don't want to be wearing a pad in case if I sneeze I can't keep my pee in or at the wrong time my organs can start to fall inside my body...
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