It's a big football day here in Georgia. Everyone we know is staying home for "the games". Do you ever do "game day" parties, cookouts and such at your place?

Bignuf Bignuf
People here go nuts. Flags on cars, face paint, tons of folks at the market with "team" colors on. Seems like everyone we know has some kind of "game day" party they are throwing or going to.

Do you ever get involved in that kind of "sports fan" festivities?
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We are totally into that.
We will go to peoples parties, cookouts, etc, if asked, but are not into it ourselves.
We go out to dinner, to a movie, whatever, since we know everyone else is "watching the game" and we have the city to ourselves?
peachmarie , U3H
We live under a rock and don't have a clue when these things are going on.
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peachmarie peachmarie
Sometimes a little of everything, I'm not huge into sports unless it's a pivotal game, then i'll go to my family's house and we'll grill out and have everyone over, it's much more fun when everyones yelling and into it. Otherwise if it's just a random game i'll leave the house to do grocery shopping or run errands because everyone is at home and out of the way, it was funny yesterday when i went, the weather was nice and everyone had their windows open in our apartment complex and you could hear the game going and people yelling in their apartments.
edeneve edeneve
yeah, I like my rock sometimes.
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