Lucid dreaming: daring or timid? :D

DreamWolf DreamWolf
It happens with me almost all the time that when I realize that I am dreaming I am still too timid to "get wild" and just do whatever I please... I recognize that within the dream I am in a place, a story, the dream with its "own rules", and I don't dare to do just anything if I see that it wouldn't fit into the situation (except sometimes) - though I do know that I could wake up at will anytime, I don't want to stop that particular dream, because though I can easily continue the very same dream, I would be worried that let's say I couldn't, unless it is a very bad dream I want to stop, not caring what it may want to tell me because it is that frightening... ^^

So mostly I am like "fuck yeah, here I am able to anything, I WANNA BE COUPLING, where's the nearest appealing piece of flesh!", but I get caught up in the situations, I don't just rush at the people in my dreams (at least not mostly), I am as polite and shy as in real life to maintain the careful balance of social interaction, and it is just disappointingly funny as hell, because I do remember all the time that you are FULLY CAPABLE of controlling your dreams... (Of course in real life I couldn't be with others because I am interested only in my OnlyMaster, or at least if W/we will ever be with anyone else it won't be nowadays, W/we are good as W/we are now and happy and content with it... My Master also knows that my enthusiasm to mate with others in my dreams is simply because I know that those folks are only dream characters, and though I feel some guilt, it calms me down immensely to know that my Master doesn't mind me to be into such things - though I take the "dream world" so seriously that I do believe that the people in dreams and everything else is real, just on another level of reality, so that gives me that sense of guilt... ~lays ears blushy)

So... How do you behave mostly when you know that you are dreaming? ~smiles wide
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I am always daring!
6  (43%)
I am always shy!
I am daring mostly...
3  (21%)
I am shy mostly...
I have never had a lucid dream!
5  (36%)
Other? :)
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KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
I totally take advantage of lucid dreaming and go wild! I yell at people or seduce them or whatever I want to do.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I don't believe I lucid dream.
amazon amazon
Do anything... I'm all for it!
brevado brevado
I've never had one. Sounds intriguing.
Bullfroggy and Rose Bullfroggy and Rose
I almost never even remember my dreams
Kitka Kitka
Most of my lucid dreams happen to be nightmares unfortunately so I'd like to think I'm daring, but mostly I just will myself to wake up so they'll end.
dv8 dv8
When I realize I'm dreaming, I usually wake up.
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