Main uses for vibrating bullets/eggs?

Beautiful-Disaster Beautiful-Disaster
What are the main uses for them? Just external use, or are there ones you can use internally?
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Bullets and eggs are primarily used for external stimulation. The cords often attached to the eggs aren't in place well enough to be tugged on when used as a retrieval cord. Since they are so small in general, they don't create great internal stimulation anyway.
Sera26 Sera26
mostly for clitoral stimulation
kurtster79 kurtster79
We use them mainly for clitoral and nipple stimulation
js250 js250
We use them for many things:
--Add to vibrating cock rings.
--Waterproof is internal.
--clitoral and penile stimulation
--inside masturbators and sleeves
--outside of penis pump & my dildos via cock ring
--mixing auto paint for painting gun(old and cheap ones)
--sensory teasing

The list goes on!!!!
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