Would you sleep with someone, who you found disagreeable, or off-putting, personality-wise, just because they're attractive?

BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
I wouldn't sleep with someone I didn't find attractive, personality-wise.
P'Gell P'Gell
I have to have the entire package to be attracted to someone. I wouldn't have sex with someone I didn't like as a person.

My husband, though, he has a thing for Sarah Palin, too. (although he doesn't agree with her politics) He actually gets the hots when I have my hair in a bun and have my glasses on, better so if I'm wearing a jacket. Bleh. He says I look like her and I almost threw up in my mouth a little.

It's purely academic, although we both have "freebie" lists, neither one of us is looking to cheat.
Cinnyree Cinnyree
I voted other because normally if I dont like the personality they become ugly in my eyes. Normally is the important word in that sentence. I got real drunk one night and slept with a guy I couldn't stand my entire life basically because it had been too long since last time I had sex. Dumb idea and dumb sex...I gained nothing
WestTexasBarbie WestTexasBarbie
Every night....because he's hot. And I'm married to him. But he does need some personality over-hauling.
chicmichiw chicmichiw
Heck to the no. Attraction is way more than physical, for me.
angel42539 angel42539
It really depends on the person!
edeneve edeneve
having sex w/ someone, for me, is a bit more intricate.
ChaiMocha ChaiMocha
I've always cared more about personality than appearance. I really don't find people very attractive until I get to know them and I always feel really weird and lame when my friends want to talk about who's super hot, but its just the way my brain works.
foxinlace foxinlace
I haven't done this but I suspect that I would. Assuming I knew about these disagreeable tendencies before and they were really attractive, I think I would and just not expect anything else from them.
Beautiful-Disaster Beautiful-Disaster
I think I'd sleep with someone that's gorgeous with a horrible personality. I'd just make sure they didn't talk before or after the sex.. lol
sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
I'd have to have some common ground on personality traits before I'd ever find myself in bed with someone. I cannot detest the person and sleep with them, I simply couldn't force myself to.
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
No way could I sleep with someone for only their looks.
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