Oh, which glass to get?

M. Roth M. Roth
With all the glass toys on sale, I can't decide what I want! I'm stuck, so I'm looking to everyone here to help me! Please pick only two, it's all I can afford right now (otherwise I'd get them all!!) Feel free to leave any comments in a post, any feedback is definitely appreciated!
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Royal Duet
Bumpy Spiral Double Dong
Rossie , Love Perpetua
Rainbow Bliss
Pink Passion Wand
Love Perpetua
Gold Laced G
dv8 , Anjulie , Bonanza Jellybean , stars , pinkcupcakes , PunkyB , BabyL0ve , JessCee , slynch
Blue Swirl
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) , Lummox , JessCee , ily , froggiemoma , Pete , Angewin
Rainbow Nubby Wand
dv8 , Lummox , Ghost
Swirly Deuce
Total votes: 24 (19 voters)
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Illumin8 Illumin8
Thanks for posting this! We are looking at getting a glass dildo soon. I'm interested in the results as well!
Anjulie Anjulie
I love my gold laced g!
M. Roth M. Roth
Well, I already have the Amber Wave. I HIGHLY suggest that, it's one of my absolute favorite toys. I'm a big texture whore, though, which makes this really, really hard for me.

I wanted the Gold Laced G so bad, but I keep hearing about how small it is, and it makes me kind of sad.. But I think it's out of stock now.
Bonanza Jellybean Bonanza Jellybean
I love my Gold Laced G, and recently wrote a review of it if you'd like a detailed version of what I thought of it. It's the first glass toy I've used, so unfortunately I can't compare it to the others in your poll! I absolutely LOVE its texture and the way it holds heat. It is a bit slim, but for me the texture makes up for that.
Rossie Rossie
Gold Laced G is OUT OF STOCK. I'll pick the Bumpy spiral dbl dong, it has a slight curvature while the others don't, and you'll experience different sensations from the 2 totally different patterns on each end. What more can you ask for from a 9 dollar dildo???
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I'm getting my first glass dildos during this sale too! I am considering the Pink Swirl & Bumpy Spiral Double Dong
froggiemoma froggiemoma
I'd go with the blue swirl.
Angewin Angewin
I agree with froggiemoma.
M. Roth M. Roth
I just bought the Blue Swirl and the Pink Passion Wand. I probably would have bought the Gold Laced G had it been in stock.. Le sigh. Saving up for when it's back now!
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