What is the best glass toy for your buck?

Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
Some glass toys are cheap but others, HOLY CRAP, it's more expensive than steel!! What do you think is the best for your buck?
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sexyfun sexyfun
I honestly don't have any steel toys and really don't know the differences, but I would imagine they both have the same benefits (temperature play & durability). Both are very durable materials but in general glass is breakable compared to steel. For some reason I tend to see more of a glass selection, as well as more texture on the glass side. These are also things to keep in mind.
Beck Beck
Check out Tim's Video about glass. He demonstrates how tough glass from different companies. Honestly, I've been disappointed in my phallix purchases recently. Every time I get one the heads on them are so much smaller then they should be. Check out my comparison image. The Cobalt one has the perfect head shape, but the other two are just too small. If you want a popping sensation, you want a fuller head. I've never had a quality issue with any of the other glass companies. I own 30 glass pieces. And phallix is the only company slipping.

sexyfun sexyfun
What great tips Beck! thank you!
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