Ceramic Material Safety Information

LoooveMonkey LoooveMonkey
A friend of mine is selling some of her toys and she has a ceramic dildo I am really interested in, but the material safety rating is a 9 on here as opposed to a 10? I'm wondering if this is because ceramic can't be fully sterilized or if it's for some other reason. There really isn't much info about ceramics on this site at all as ceramic toys are somewhat rare. Let me know, please!!
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Ansley Ansley
No toy can be sterilized, that's a misnomer. It can be disinfected but sterilization requires a specialized machine (autoclave). However, ceramics are like plastics -- minimally porous and can be shared after a thorough wipe down with an antibacterial soap.
edeneve edeneve
I have one ceramic dildo - wrote a review for it if you're interested in reading.
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I'm not aware of any other ceramic toy, or in this case, dildo.
I especially like the texture & the weight of the dildo.
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As Stormy said, nothing can be "sterilized" per se. However, what you are referring to is sanitizing, or removing most of the bacteria.

From what I've read on the blogs of people that own ceramic, it's not the best idea to boil it. However, you can use a 10% bleach solution to clean it. Just create a 10% bleach solution and either wipe your down with it, letting it sit for several minutes or soak it in the solution (useful if you're cleaning more than one toy) before rinsing it off well. Be sure to rinse thoroughly!

@Edeneve: There are also Lovemoiselle and Pipedream Ceramix lines, plus some others that don't immediately jump to my mind.
dv8 dv8
More info about sterilization here and here. The big difference is that steriization kills bacterial spores whereas other forms of disinfection don't. (Also, even autoclaving isn't effective against prions.) A dry oven or bleach are alternatives to an autoclave but may be overkill.
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