Does Rubber Break Down?

Mistress Mandy Mistress Mandy
Rockin' rabbit review
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I was going through my toy box the other day and pulled out my Rockin' rabbit cock ring, which has not been used in a very long time, and I noticed that it looked like the material was changing colors and had become softer. Does rubber break down over time? I don't know if my toy box had possibly been exposed to high temperatures at some time, I don't think it has except possibly briefly when we moved. Other than that it has always just hung out in my closet. The cock ring was put away clean and I was storing it in a plastic baggy to keep lint from collecting on it. It was already rather tacky/sticky to begin with but now it's super sticky almost gummy feeling. It's really gross. I guess I'll be throwing it away.
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indiglo indiglo
Yes, rubber breaks down. How quickly depends on exactly what kind of rubber it is, how thin the rubber is, how it's stored, etc. But rubber does break down over time. Ever found a really old latex condom just sitting around? They can break easily if they're old and become brittle, which is why they have an expiration date. Same goes for any kind of rubber. Sorry you lost a toy to rubber break down, but it's a good thing you didn't store it touching other toys, or you may have lost the other toys too!

Here is some info about different kinds of natural rubbers: link
Mistress Mandy Mistress Mandy
Thanks for the response! I've never actually seen an old/expired condom, but I have heard that they break down and start falling apart, so I guess that all makes sense. I hadn't really thought about how it could have ruined other toys had I not been storing it in that plastic baggy, so after you said that I'm definitely glad I did store it that way! I think I'll need to write a follow up review for that product now.
married with children married with children
yes, heat breaks down rubber, along with UV rays. and depending on how much water the rubber is exposed to, will also shorten the life of it. Chlorine breaks down the rubber extremely fast. And water companies chlorinate the water going through the city water pipes.
Mistress Mandy Mistress Mandy
The thing is, I don't think this toy was ever exposed to heat really aside from moving but even then my toy box was in my car for the trip so it didn't get much of a chance to get hot. It also didn't get much use before it got put away and forgotten. I'm wondering how long this type of rubber is really supposed to last. I mean I have had it since '08 so it's pretty old. Just not sure if that's a normal life span for rubber.
ScottA ScottA
To a certain extent even oxygen breaks down sex-toy rubber. There are very few "permanent sex toys" materials out there, and all the other materials will break down after a while (usually about 1-3 years for most soft materials depending on use, which puts your toy in the range). The permanent materials are silicone and glass (technically glass does break down, but it takes centuries), and there are a number of other "semi-permanents" which will last at least your lifetime with proper care - wood, stainless steel/aluminum, hard plastic.
Mistress Mandy Mistress Mandy
Thanks so much, Scott. That makes perfect sense then! Definitely good to know how long I can expect things to last.
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