RemotePleasure Internet Enabled Vibrator-Interesting!

RemotePleasure Internet Enabled Vibrator-Interesting!

MamaDivine MamaDivine
This is just too cool. Had I known about this back when I was dating a guy online, I might have used this! Here is a short snippet of what the description says:

The RemotePleasure Internet Enabled Vibrator, the most technologically advanced vibrator ever created for cybersex. The RemotePleasure Internet Enabled Vibrator is the first sex toy for Skype that allows its users total remote online operation and offers a sexual encounter unlike any other.

Check this toy out here: link

This kind of stuff just blows my mind how technically advanced our "sex toys" have become lol. Pretty cool stuff!
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Nazaress Nazaress
EdenFantasys also has an internet-enabled toy, only theirs is a rabbit.

Internet-Enabled Rabbit

Yours looks like it has more features and what not. It also doesn't appear to be made of jelly, which is good.
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