Advice on Rabbit Vibrators?

Geekhyena Geekhyena
I'm looking for a good rabbit vibrator, one with more features than the Spellbound Stud Double Jack I currently have (and love). Rotation, vibration patterns, beads, thrusting....that sort of thing. I like vibrators that are on the long and girthy side, and I need strong vibrations to be able to get off. Long battery life would be a plus, as it would get regular use.

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Gracie Gracie
My favorite is the vr 6.5. But it sounds like you want something like the platinum jack rabbit. I was not impressed with the battery life, but it is really powerful when the batteries are new! Being frustrated with batteries is why I looked at getting a rechargable one. I also have the vr 10.5 and that one is awesome too! It may be more what you would like as it is bigger and has rotations along with a powerful clit arm. The trick is finding the one that works with your anatomy!
xOhxSoxScandalousx xOhxSoxScandalousx
The Platinum Jack Rabbit is amazing! Highly recommended. You can read my review of the product here: link

ToyGeek ToyGeek
If you have one that you currently like, bring it with you to the computer screen and use the "view actual size" feature to accurately compare the placement of the attachment -- that way you can weed out the ones that won't work for your personal anatomy.
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