Differences Glass and silicone

Jessica Kay Jessica Kay
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What are the differences between Glass and Silicone in your experiences?
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snowminx snowminx
Asking the differences in glass and silicone is like asking the differences a window and a stress ball -_- It's two entirely different materials, the only things they have in common is how you can clean them.

Just read the product pages or google glass and silicone
glass- link
silicone- link
AmethystQueen AmethystQueen
Some silicone has more drag to it than others, but every glass toy is unyielding because it's hard. You can do temperature play with glass and not so much with silicone. Silicone can sometimes retain smell (depending on quantity of silicone in toy), but glass never does.

You'll have to try and see for yourself. I was scared of glass because it's so hard, but come to find out I like hard in certain places.
Zombirella Zombirella
Besides the obvious that glass is more firm, I have noticed that glass toys tend to have more texture as well as interesting textures than silicone does.
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