does anyone have both Gigi & Mocha?

edeneve edeneve
do you have both Gigi & Mocha? if so, I'm wondering how the heads compare. and also, does the head shape give different sensations than other G-spotters?

I'm also wondering how their vrooms compare to each other.
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edeneve edeneve
hello out there, anyone left to answer this question?
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Are you talking about Gigi 2 and Mona 2 from Lelo? I have both of them. Gigi 2 is designed more for G-spot stimulation, and while Mona 2 has a nice curve, it's not quite as focused in that area. That being said, Mona 2 is much more powerful than Gigi 2, so it all depends on whether you're looking for focused stimulation or power.
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