Couples fun with the Club Vibe?

Contributor: staci3 staci3
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Have you used this with a partner?
Did it spice things up?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: FriskyInFlorida FriskyInFlorida
Originally posted by staci3
Have you used this with a partner?
Did it spice things up?
Haven't tried it but really really want to
Contributor: Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
We have, and it's alright but not a favorite of ours. We got it for public play, and the issues we had with it were:
The range isn't all that great.
It isn't quiet enough to use in all situations.
The remote is bulky and can't be hidden in a palm.
The Off button on the vibrator is back on the butt end.

In the bedroom it's not so bad IF you like milder more spread-out vibrations. If you like strong direct clitoral stimulation, it's just a teaser.
Contributor: spineyogurt spineyogurt
I want to try this!
Contributor: FriskyInFlorida FriskyInFlorida
haven't tried, but it seems like it'd be fun
Contributor: nanners nanners
Seems like just getting fingered in the club would be more fun...esp with a finger vibe.
Contributor: MissMori MissMori
Yes, and it is fun (although as Alan & Michele noted, it's more of a tease if you like stronger vibrations). It does sync up to the music if you choose that option, which is neat!
Contributor: yummyinmytummy yummyinmytummy
How do you sink it up with music exactly? I know that the only an iphone works with the app
Contributor: silverfeather silverfeather
Originally posted by staci3
Have you used this with a partner?
Did it spice things up?
I just got mine today and I'm excited to use it for a nice tease while going out. I plan to use it for the club and the movies, where it should be loud enough. I can't wait to surprise my guy.