Poor little Fairy Mini

Poor little Fairy Mini </3

RubenesqueAna RubenesqueAna
Sucker bit the dust. This happens to me all the time. This ALWAYS happens to me. I find a toy I love, I use it and abuse it (I use my toys kind of hard), and they end up breaking in a way that was obviously caused by my abuse. Okay, so, the point is, I need to replace my beloved Fairy Mini. I LOVED him. He was my best friend (I think my boyfriend was jealous), but I'm so so disappointed that it couldn't hold up to my treatment.

I've seen plenty of threads debating which massaging wand is the best, but I couldn't find any that answered this question in particular:

Which massaging wand is the STURDIEST?
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Jul!a Jul!a
Hmm, I only have one that gets light use at best. But I'm bumping the thread so that somebody else might be able to answer.
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
My Hitachi Magic Wand is going like a champ! It runs for at least 20-45 minutes straight almost daily and I have owned it since December 2010. For the price and in regards to the amount of usage it gets, it is inexpensive and highly effective! I am considering purchasing another to have on hand in case it dies.
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