What is the most powerful vibe for clit

jerseyginger jerseyginger
I have been looking for a good vibrator for a long time now. If I get used to one and make it some what work it then breaks. I push down on the vibrator against my clit hard and it usually from my experience has made have less power on my clit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated at this point
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Oriental husband and wife Oriental husband and wife
Hitachi Wand!! They are electric. No batteries to get weak or replace. The Jopens' with clit vibes also have good power and the charge lasts about 45 mins. You can use the clit nub first w/o inserting the other end. Good for warmups.
HerFirstMeHappy HerFirstMeHappy
Lots of folks swear by the Hitachi Wand, and I can't argue with its result-based popularity. My wife hated it. Too big, too loud, too much numbing. She does like power and the three vibes we've found to our liking: 1) JJ Form 2 - two motors, small & quiet, very focused vibrations; 2) Lelo Elise - also dual motors and nice pattern options; 3) Eroscillator (top deluxe 2 w/added pwr) - she ain't pretty, but like the Wand it plugs in and is extremely effective.
Ansley Ansley
I'd suggest either the Smart Wand or the Hitachi for super powerful vibrations.
dv8 dv8
Originally posted by Ansley
I'd suggest either the Smart Wand or the Hitachi for super powerful vibrations.
I'd argue the Eroscillator is powerful alternative to the Hitachi.
Oriental husband and wife Oriental husband and wife
I've had both the Hitachi and the Eroscillator. The Hitachi is definitely more powerful but on the loud side. The body of it can also get pretty warm after long stint of usage. The Eroscillator is quiet and does not heat up after a long use. I got rid of the Eroscillator last month. If the Hitachi goes out, will replace it. Oh, btw the Hitachi is under $65.00 and the Eroscillator is over $ 150.00.

Needless to say, both have a loyal following.
Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
As others have suggested I'd highly recommend the Hitachi. It is the most powerful, most reliable vibe in our collection. The Wahl is another corded massager worth considering. If you are looking for something small and compact, the We-vibe Tango is surprisingly powerful.
Ansley Ansley
Am I the only person who likes the Smart Wand?
dv8 dv8
This is fairly powerful
BellaSucette BellaSucette
My favorite is the high intensity bullet, but I do want a Hitachi magic wand for sure one day.
Jan 16, 5:54 am
cupcakesdontcry cupcakesdontcry
Originally posted by dv8
This is fairly powerful
Um.. ow...
Feb 21, 5:33 am
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