What is your Fav. bullet

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What is your Fav. bullet

looksy lou looksy lou
Which one is your fav or list your own in the comments. ( i used product codes)
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Super twins – bullet
Total votes: 13 (13 voters)
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I'll Miss You EF :( I'll Miss You EF :(
It would help if you wrote out the name of the bullet as most people don't know the product codes off the top of their head.

My favorite would be the amante.
it is by California Exotics.

You look like you are looking for an inexpensive bullet. I have heard amazing things about the Hearts bullet.

Good luck!
Miss Nessa Miss Nessa
I voted for the super twins. I've been looking at that one for months.
callsignhusker callsignhusker
super twins
N1 N1
Ditto on the super twins
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