Men wearing thongs

TheNiceGuy88 TheNiceGuy88
I'm a guy who has quite a few thongs and other sexy underwear meant for men. At first I only wore them when I was feeling naughty and wanted a dirty secret all day. I showed them to my girlfriend and she loves them, but I get the sense that if I wore them all the time she would feel uncomfortable about it. I have a ton of CK boxer briefs which she can never get enough of, but the thongs and cheeky underwear I have is equally as comfortable and makes me feel sexy.

How can I bring it up that I prefer to wear the thongs and other sexy underwear I have?
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Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
If she loves them then let her know that you prefer them and ask what she thinks about you wearing them regularly. Or you could slowly work them into your daily routine. A few times a week for a few months and work your way up to everyday. She may wonder if you have other interests if you all of a sudden change the style of your underwear. People having affairs often change from plain to sexy, and you do not want her getting the wrong idea about that.
Trysexual Trysexual
Just tell her you prefer them. Summer is the perfect time to tell her, because boxer briefs are too hot and confining in the summer. It's much nicer to wear a thong in summer.
shorejen9 shorejen9
I think they are extremely sexy and would love my DH to wear them! Just tell her your prefer them and ask of she's ok with that. Tell her why you like them too. Women wear thongs and lace etc to feel sexy so why shouldn't a man??
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