Has a sex toy purchase ever caused drama in your love life?

PadoruLover PadoruLover
Originally posted by SaucyxGirl
Closest I ever came was a guy I dated briefly. He made mention of how sex toys were utterly wrong and had no place in a relationship. He also viewed female masturbation and filthy and a sign that either her partner couldn't please her or that she ...
For the first one that was defiantly a good choose. And you know you got a good guy when he is willing to laugh about it.
PadoruLover PadoruLover
Originally posted by Bignuf
My hubby just read that and said, "oh, for me it's the attitude that "It's my territory and anything that can make it more talented and professional...go for it". Why settle for a casual swimmer if you have a partner who is ...
Love the way you put that. And its so true!
Akamai27 Akamai27
Never. My girlfriend and I are very open with each other about what enhances our pleasure. She has a lot of toys and I have a few male toys but neither of us feel intimidated by them.
Raymaker Raymaker
Yeah. And I'd dump him again. That's just not on, and so many layers of controlling.
Aug 27, 9:05 pm
Vnessa Vnessa
No. My husband may joke about a new toy that arrives and ask, "what do you need me for!". But at the end of the night, he knows my real pleasure always comes from him. He actually thinks it's a bit intriguing (sometimes comical) when a new piece arrives.
Aug 27, 9:35 pm
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