So, where do you hide your toys?

sunflower sunflower
I have the frequently used ones in a box behind my mattress. The rest have been demoted to a box in the closet.... I need some good storage!
CallMeYourBaby CallMeYourBaby
I have a messenger bag (backpack) that I used in the past just because I didn't have anything else and improvised. Now I just keep the toys I usually don't use in there. I keep a mini masterlock through the zipper loops. I also have a "storage" box under my bed that I fixed up so that I could lock it. After that, I ran out of room and had to take most of my things to my boyfriend's house. He keeps them in his bedside drawers, unlocked.

One time we left a single cuff (link) on his bedroom floor. The next day his mom decided she would do this laundry (which she never does). She went into his room, saw the cuff and asked him what it was. Thankfully, my boyfriend thinks quickly on his feet and told her it was for an exercise (he's a personal trainer); that you attached it to your ankle and attached it to weights. She bought it. I was laughing so hard when he told me about it but I am so glad I was not there or I would have turned bright red over it.
Girly Juice Girly Juice
I used to hide mine in a vintage hatbox but now I just have way too many for that. I keep them in two sets of drawers next to my bed.
Ava Ava
Originally posted by WhoopieDoo
I keep mine in a lockable toolbox I got at Lowe's.
thats a good idea.. might have to try that myself
Ava Ava
Originally posted by Undecided
Mine are out in the open don't want to see them don't go in my room and don't look in the door as you walk by
I wish I had your confidence
Ava Ava
Originally posted by Badonk
underwear drawer
same here, although my drawer is starting to become too crowded.. time for me to start looking for a lock box XD
kristina2007 kristina2007
Originally posted by x203
Where do you hide em? Has anyone ever found them? Any funny spots/coverups you've used?
i keep mine on a shelf in my closet
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