What brought you to Eden?

Antipova Antipova
It's safe to say that most of us have expanded our sex toy horizons since coming to Eden... but I'm curious about what class of toy brought us each here in the very first place! What did you hope sex toys would give you that convinced you to seek them out?
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I came for the vibrators! (I have a high orgasmic threshold and/or vibes sounded like fun!)
Ryuson , eggiweg , Coralbell , DeliciousSurprise , anonymouse58 , ZenaidaMacroura , Ms. Spice , iLashe , Lady Nina , Ava5 , Rin (aka Nire) , Bignuf , LikeSunshineDust , One of Five , wetone123 , aliceinthehole , ms.anon , Liz123 , LittleMermaid , meitman , VampKitten , - Kira - , fifi , Hallmar82 , shcoo , sarillia , roskat , LavenderSkies , Femme Mystique , quackbuster , Cora Jane , breakfastonpluto , pinkpottergirl , Velocity , PDXlady , AlianneCimorene , amberf83 , sexyscreenname , Dash , LunaDragon , chicmichiw , hmb12 , ashboo32 , Kallina , B. Loved , snowminx , SarahSillyYak , WestTexasBarbie
48  (17%)
I came for the anal toys! (There's so much more variety in the world of silicone than in the work-a-day world!)
1  (0%)
I came for the dildos! (So many interesting sensations to explore!)
M121212 , Rossie , Ansley , Waterfall , Shellz31 , NuclearTeapot , Anjulie , Rarity , UnknownGirl , Kynky Kytty , zwee75 , woodsdragon , ghalik , Girly Juice , Rosen Rot , Virgingasms
16  (6%)
I came to find my g/p spot!
I came for couple's toys! (You never can tell how trustworthy a homemade cock ring would be...)
Gunsmoke , ladyred , Cherry21 , amazon , allme1 , Jaybird
6  (2%)
I came for lingerie!
Jul!a , BeautifulDarkness , sktb0007 , LilLostLenore , funinthesun916 , KrissyNovacaine , SadoMas , TdotY , richsam
9  (3%)
I came for masturbators! (A helping hand for my hand!)
Gigi128 , goo , michael scofield
3  (1%)
I came for gender play items! (A good harness can't be beat!)
kawigrl , Kaleb
2  (1%)
I came for BDSM supplies! (A duct tape flogger will only take you so far!)
Lady Marmelade , Jess.McCleod , Vanille , emilia , Yumi , hall5885 , SF , higs
8  (3%)
I legitimately did come for more than one of these reasons, or a different reason from what you listed here.
Lucky21 , Crichton , padmeamidala , JessCee , amandaco2011 , EdenG , Pinkhare , Rozzie , ThoughtsAblaze , alliegator , Wild Orchid , Ivy Wilde , dudemeister , lanky , dv8 , mandiegk , Linga , sexyintexas , AngelvMaynard , IrishLassie , kelaaa33wish , MaryExy , Eucaly , Checkmate , dezzydezire , MN58 , Vanessa Weiss , oldhippy , Misfit Momma , indiglo , GravyCakes , haley730 , LostBoy988 , darthkitt3n , Sinfully , Fuck it. , toxie m , The Curious Couple , null , Lummox , l'amour , rdytogo , SiNn , The Mother of a SiNner , Beck , deletedacct , KinkyDesire , Yaoi Pervette (deleted) , CoffeeCup , PropertyOfPotter , Fireblood13 , Eva Schwaltz , newfoundlust , phunkyphreak , MmmLickme-Ian , xylia , js250 , goodeatz , Sunshineamine , dontbackdown02 , LennaKieran , Halfthere , elemental , LaLaLouise , Kindred , Alyxx , Dude404 , K101 , novelnerdbc , Peggi , Jenimi , SexyTabby , Mew , MR Chickhabit , ily , lacybutton , Talena , Nothere , Hot'n'Bothered , zeb , SilverIsis , domsub1993 , leatherlover , potstickers , (k)InkyIvy , PassionateLover2 , Nazaress , Snozzberries , Valentinka , GeekWife , Mxd , RavenWolf88 , reknit , InnocentISwear , DreamWolf , GONE! , icyqueen , Stinkytofu10 , Ms. N , C-Rae , Zombirella , prettynpink , Nora , Jon S , Brandonn , tiggle biddies , pokefan15 , dragonn , deltalima , Falsepast , FruityCloudPuff , Melan!e , Undead , ViVix , brevado , chantalgiardina , remember.me , BG529 , TheirPet , Missmarc , Short Cake , BlooJay , sexxxkitten , g- , sextoylover , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , digit88 , HB042 , Clara , wicked weasel , KRD , Jordan B , Mamastoys , Kitka , HusbandandWife , TicklingPink , pirata , *Camoprincess* , FHeemz , brandygirl614 , LostinLife , Scrawberry78 , kitty1949 , mpfm , giftdgecko , rockblenny , Lavendar , Incendiaire , Tiffany Rose , wrecklesswords , animepanda89 , rekarf , katlyte , Rory , Pink Lily , edeneve , Hubby80 , shorejen9 , Py , Lady of the Lab , charmedtomeetyou , BrittaniMaree , DomonCoshu , amenti , mjtheprincess , Arlinnae , MissMori , FlashFuchsia , bowzer311 , TJtheMadHatter , AliMc , Kelslynn22 , sexy34 , UsArmyGuy , SaucyxGirl , llellsee , Kirill1171 , nikki0668 , Hazeleyes2012 , Britt&Rich , TJax , Mrs.Hellzapoppin , DawnStar , muffinlovesegg , evie.amor , LoneOokami , Ringleader , TrulyLena , Eugler , sophia430
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Lucky21 Lucky21
I actually sort of stumbled on EF. But what made me fall in love with it what the user community and the great reviews on everything.
Antipova Antipova
Originally posted by Lucky21
I actually sort of stumbled on EF. But what made me fall in love with it what the user community and the great reviews on everything.
I definitely fell in love with the community too... I had gotten sex toys from other online places years ago, but never went back to the sites after the day I'd place my order... EF is so wonderful
Crichton Crichton
I go to some specialty sites for my hardcore BDSM stuff, but I still love it here. I love the community and the reviews.
Jul!a Jul!a
It was finding the lingerie that got me here, and the review program and the community that got me to stay
padmeamidala padmeamidala
Originally posted by Antipova
It's safe to say that most of us have expanded our sex toy horizons since coming to Eden... but I'm curious about what class of toy brought us each here in the very first place! What did you hope sex toys would give you that convinced you to ...
I was brought to Eden from the reviews and community and also being able to do toy reviews on my blog. I love testing new toys. I've been able to expand my toy collection a lot.
M121212 M121212
I'd say I came via dildos. I was looking for tentacle shaped ones *ahem* and was looking at the Whipspider Rubber Works website. Then I saw that EF carried them and that's how I first got to the site. I guess I got curious again a few days later and started looking at what goes on here more in-depth. That's it
amandaco2011 amandaco2011
Eden was the site that popped up when I searched for sex toys. The vibrators are what really attracted me.
Rossie Rossie
I was comparing price on my first toy and Eden's name showed up.
ThoughtsAblaze ThoughtsAblaze
I was googling advice about sex and landed on the SexIs magazine. From there, I plugged into the forums, started browsing the shop, and the rest is history. =)
alliegator alliegator
Eden attracted me during comparison shopping because I could get good prices, cheap shipping, and the color I wanted. I love color, and Eden carries such a variety of color in its toys. I'd bought toys online before where the choice was somewhat limited, and I couldn't choose which color I would get.
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
I was attracted by the number of reviews posted here. I used the opinions to check out some items available here, in Poland. Then I found out that I could participate in the review program and now I'm hooked.
Ivy Wilde Ivy Wilde
I was looking for suction cup toys actually. Then I discovered the whole wonderful Eden Community and am now actively involved.
lanky lanky
i came for fun
dv8 dv8
I like EF's ability to filter items by size, vrooms and especially material.
mandiegk mandiegk
Originally posted by Lucky21
I actually sort of stumbled on EF. But what made me fall in love with it what the user community and the great reviews on everything.
This is what happened to me too. I just thought I would buy some stuff and be done with it, but then I found the community and the review program. I learn so much from the EF community.
Linga Linga
I came because I was searching for a Tentacle dildo but after I bought it I found out about reviewing and thought it would be a great way to spend some time, then i found out about the points program and the community and haven't looked back since!
sexyintexas sexyintexas
I came across it when facebook posted a freebie for fb friends and haven't been able to tear myself away since then
AngelvMaynard AngelvMaynard
Eden started following my Twitter account for my television pilot, I followed them back and checked out their site.
IrishLassie IrishLassie
BBW Talks Toys pointed me to this site because I was wanting to look for a new toy since our dogs chewed it up. Then many many months later she kept going on and on about the forum and community, that I gave in and joined

I had also stumbled across this site a couple of years ago before BBW talked me while I was searching online for lingerie.
Waterfall Waterfall
I came for the dildos More specifically, the glass dildos. I had been looking around for a larger selection of glass toys and I found it on Eden. I am so happy I did!
Shellz31 Shellz31
It was originally the dildos that brought me here. I was searching for a certain type and Eden kept popping up in the Google search. At first I bypassed it cause of being an overseas site, I figured postage wouldn't make it worth while.

But then one day a few months later, I decided to have a good look around and liked what I saw. Then I discovered they did free toys for reviews. That's when I decided to give it a go. I've been addicted ever since.
Eucaly Eucaly
I was searching for certain specific sex toys and Eden consistently had the most information on them.
dezzydezire dezzydezire
My husband wanted to get a few gifts before he left for japan and we stumbled across eden and i have never left. Lol
Vanessa Weiss Vanessa Weiss
I came for the tentacle dildos, I stayed for the reviews, articles and community.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
i wanted a good rabbit and i wasn't having luck anywhere else. i liked a lot of the products and ended up sticking around buying lots of sex toys i would have never really considered beforehand
oldhippy oldhippy
As strange as it may sound, I originally got here while looking for a dilator kit for my wife. We were looking for the model that was recommended by Dr. Berman on the Dr. Oz show. Although my wife hasn't stayed with the site, I have, and it has been very informative. Having had a somewhat stunted sexual background growing up, and only minor experiences as an adult, this site has provided me with information and discussion to help me make better decisions about my current situation (43 years of marriage) and how to keep it exciting and make it better.
indiglo indiglo
I just came for the toys! Stayed because of the community. I think I stumbled upon this place while doing a Google search, but I honestly do not remember.
GravyCakes GravyCakes
a friend told me about this site & how you can earn points that you can use to buy stuff. i liked a lot of the stuff i saw, so i signed up for an account.
Lady Nina Lady Nina
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