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Divine carry on
Author: Zombirella
The Divine carry on bag is a great way to store your secret stash. It can also be used for many other things. It's well made and looks classy. The only downfall is the crazy price tag.
Lockable sex toy case
Author: itson007
Great for if you're sticking to a couple of your favorite toys. If you're building up a collection I recommend splurging on a bigger case.
Eden toy case
Author: Tshfangirl
Overall, this case is excellent. The only things that could make this better are if it already came with a lock or if there were color choices.
Travel case and charger
Author: FriskyGirl
The Revel Body SOL/ONE packaging is suitable for storage, but the travel kit is really a must have and comes in very handy. It's really the perfect way to store it discreetly either at home or while traveling.