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Lockable sex toy case
Author: Reilynn
I'd like to see the manufacturer make this case in various sizes and price them accordingly. It would also be nice if they add a mesh netting to the lid to store flatter items (e.g., pasties). I am still surprised at how much I could fit in mine. This storage case definitely helps me keep my toys readily available for whenever the notion strikes me!
Edenfantasys tote bag
Author: Mistress M.
Overall, the Edenfantasy's tote bag is a fantastic tote. Groceries, hiding those 'little secrets' in them. It makes a fantastic bag for sex toy storage if you need it. I personally take mine everywhere!
Edenfantasys tote bag
Author: MorganaLeFae
If you get this free, then you'll be pretty happy, but if you did pay for it you may not be so happy about it due to how thin the martial is. I would not recommend using this bag for really heavy stuff because of how thin it is; I don't think the handles would be able to take it. This would be best for a light shopping or just something to keep stuff in (e.g. plastic bags, maybe a few books, etc.).
Universal toy cleaner with aloe
Author: Angel Baby
Universal Toy Cleaner is cheap. You get a good sized bottle. It cleans toys thoroughly leaving no odor. It also cleans lubricant off with no problems.