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Delay cream reviews
Price: $8.99

Delay cream

Bolt Vanderhuge
Bolt Vanderhuge
All in all, this is a great product. It works as advertised, and you can’t really get much better than that.
Actually works, easy application, great orgasm if you can achieve it.
May be too hard to achieve orgasm for some, physically exhaustion is probable.
Published:December 09, 2009
Tantric lovers prolong-'um gel reviews
Price: $14.99

Tantric lovers prolong-'um gel

somewhat useful
I don't know if it’s as good as other ones, but with its mint ingredients I found it to create a cooling desensitizing sensation, I use the word sensation because it doesn’t really desensitize but just make it feel like it is with the use of menthol. This product gave an equal illusion of one that really does desensitizes the skin.
cheap, smells good, desensitizes the skin, cooling sensation
doesn't work as well as one might expect, if it goes in the urethra it might burn a bit
Published:February 24, 2009
Magic stamina spray reviews
Price: $12.99

Magic stamina spray

somewhat useful
Hey, you! Are you looking for a liquid that will make pretty much any surface on your body go entirely numb? Numb, as in no feeling at all? Then, have I got something for you!
Small, easy to carry and conceal, good for beginners to anal.
A new numbing solution would be nice, so it doesn't remove all feeling.
Published:December 11, 2008