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More like "Never Get There," not "Play Longer".

Summary? Well, the review is pretty self-explanitory, but this product shouldn't even be sold. Not only does it sound STUPID to use post-surgery medication on your penis, but it feels stupid once you realize that your dick is burning and on fire! DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT if you are smart at all!
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Allergy concern, Penis goes COMPLETELY NUMB, No pleasure, No medical information enclosed
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Durex Play Longer is a lubricant/lotion designed to treat premature ejaculation. You simply apply this lubricant to the penis before sex, and get on your way. The only issue is that you can have adverse reactions, like my fiance did, and end up having a horrible night of pain. If your penis is horribly sensitive, as far as the skin itself goes, you may want to stray away from using this. A rash can develop, in which you should stop using this product immediately and wash yourself off and call a doctor if you feel it is needed.

My fiance developed a slight reddening of the skin which we didn't notice until the lubricant wore off, but it went away overnight after washing himself off and refraining from touching or scratching himself all night. His penis is still pretty sensitive today from the rash that was there yesterday, but it isn't too bad. I would recommend doing a spot treatment and see how your skin reacts before using this product all over your penis, that way you know what's in store for you.

This product completely numbs the penis from feeling anything... and when I say it completely numbs the penis, I mean your man is not going to feel a damn thing. He probably wont get any enjoyment out of sex for the entire night because he wont get any sensations except a tingly, numb feeling like you get in your mouth after a dentist visit.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Play Longer was specifically designed to be used with latex condoms, thus, it is water-based. When you squeeze it out of the bottle, it is very thick like a syrup, but of course, easily rubs into the skin... However, this does not mean the stuff isn't sticky. It's almost like rubbing honey onto your skin, if you've ever done so before. It rubs in, but it sticks to everything it touches.

In conclusion, you want to use this stuff in moderation. Not to mention that if you use too much, your dick will feel like it isn't even there anymore.
    • Smooth
    • Sticky
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

It tastes like Orajel... A VERY, VERY, VERY strong Orajel.You'll want to throw up if you get this in your mouth! The taste of this stuff on your tongue is absolutely disgusting, and it's enough to keep your girl afraid of blowjobs for the rest of her life. I made a huge mistake by trying to give my fiance head after putting this stuff on.

There isn't really a smell. Almost smells like an unscented lubricant, or a really cheap foot cream. You can slightly smell the benzocaine, which isn't exactly much of a smell in itself... Therefore, smell should not be an issue at all. Just the disgusting taste.
    • Bad taste
    • Light smell
    • Tastes horrible


My fiance started to first feel a very prickly type of pain after a few second of applying the Play Longer, and within a minute he felt nothing whatsoever. I jokingly bit his penis, and he had no idea I was even touching it yet. (We were in the dark).

I proceeded to try and give him head, which seriously resulted in me almost throwing up right on top of him. The taste is just horrible and I wish I could describe it better to you all. Just DO NOT get this crap in your mouth.

After washing the taste down with some wine, we began having intercourse, in which he was just laying there because he got absolutely no pleasure out of it. The gel wore off in about half an hour, but he actually lost his erection within about 15 minutes. Everything past half an hour was pain for my fiance. We turned the lights on to notice the irritated red skin, and washed him off as gently and quickly as possible.

Just the water touching his penis was bringing him to tears, and he was trying to hold them back and be a man, but I could tell the stupid Durex Play Longer was hurting him quite a lot. By that time, the stuff was already absorbed into his skin, so the washing didn't do too much for us.

I needn't go on to tell you that this stuff not only has the potential to burn your penis, but it also DOES NOT work at all. If anything, it does the opposite. I will, however note that this stuff also hurt me as well. My vagina felt very prickly and in pain all night. It wasn't nearly as bad as it was for my fiance, but it still hurt.
    • Allergy concerns


Durex Play Longer comes in a clear plastic box with most of the details and ingredients listed on the back and sides. I feel that it is a little more yellow, and not green like shown on EdenFantasys. I personally think the box does more advertising and less WARNING about the possible side effects. The packaging is minimal. There is no paper insert with drug information, as I honestly feel there should be.

The bottle itself shows the main ingredients, which are: water, Benzocaine (07.5%), Carbomer, and Polyethylene glycol.

Benzocaine, as most of you parents know, is a common drug found in products such as Orajel, that are used to treat mouth pain. It is given to you at the dentist, after minor surgeries, etc. Very similar to its brother drug: Novacaine.

It's a pretty discreet bottle, but as for the package, I would throw it away. The package has more of that "sexual advertising" going on. However, if someone knows what Durex is, you're screwed even with the bottle itself.

Suitable for travel, as the cap does not open too easily. It's a screw on cap, like you find with some toothpastes or lotions. So it takes effort to remove the cap - it wont just "happen" on it's own, leaving a HUGE mess in your luggage.
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Minimal
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

I personally say DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. It either wont work for you because of an allergic reaction, or you will get no pleasure whatsoever because you just can't feel anything. My fiance's boner went away within 15 minutes, so that should be verification that this stuff is "all talk" and "less walk".


Need I say more? Sex ended up being a fail, both my fiance and I were in pain, and there was an allergic reacting involved... Doesn't sound like a great night, does it?
Follow-up commentary
If you read the review you'll know why I will never ever like this product again unless Durex completely changed the ingredients! Horrible, awful... UGH!
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  • Howells
    Wow you made it very clear why shouldn't I buy this one. I was thinking about trying one to tell what the fuss is about, but I knew it's a bad idea to use desensitizers. But this much, omg!
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    Oh, wow. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. And your poor fiance! This stuff sounds really terrible.
  • ToyGurl
    @Howells: Yes, they are definitely bad to use. As a matter of fact, my DOCTOR told me not to even mess with this stuff... and we did anyways. I really wanted to have the ability to climax before or at the same time as my partner, since we have had trouble with this lately. Little did I know we would both be in pain!

    @ZenaidaMacroura: Thank you for reading, and at least it's over now! I can't believe it reacted that badly!
  • Pixel
    Oh, jeez. While I'm not currently seeing anyone would would need to use this product (quite the opposite, in fact!), your review has me glad I don't need to risk trying out horrific products like this! I'm so sorry you and your SO had such a bad reaction to this! Thank you for taking one for the team and letting us know how poor this product is.
  • ToyGurl
    Thanks for the comment. I am happy that I was able to warn others of the harmful effects of this product. Not everyone reacts to this product like this. My fiance's best friend apparently uses it regularly. So I'm guessing it's just one of those products that isn't for everyone.
  • bayosgirl
    Yikes! I don't think we'll be trying this. Thanks for the review.
  • The Curious Couple
    Thanks for the review and the warning!
  • MrWishyWashy
    Wow! Thanks for the review....will avoid like this like the plague!
  • Jenni Shelton
    ty 4 the review
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