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Basically a Benzocaine topical. Worked fairly well and performed as expected. It does keep you hard while numbing the penis. Inexpensive to try. Stopped gag reflex for oral sex and works well for anal play. Don't use on penis before oral sex as he may be too numb to feel the sensations. DO NOT USE ANY TOPICAL CONTAINING BENZOCAINE IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF ALLERGY TO LOCAL ANESTHETICS.
Benzocaine. Worked well & performed as expected. Inexpensive. Stopped gag reflex for oral sex.
Don't use too much! Everything in moderation.
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I was very excited about trying this lube. I have heard good things about desensitizing lotions and creams, especially those containing Benzocaine for prolonging erections as well as for other uses. This one contains 7.5% which seems to be the standard. It is also water-based so you can use it with a condom, although that combination may not allow for enough sensitivity for your mate.

I mostly feel that the Durex brand is relatively inexpensive and this product kind of falls into that category. I had tried a different brand of lube which contains Benzocaine and paid around $12 for only 0.5oz. The Durex brand is sold here for $9.99 for a whole ounce of product.

Anyway, I was ready for a fun-filled evening of sex after the kids were tucked up in their beds and my husband, as usual, was game. We checked the directions just to be sure we used the product correctly.

It never takes long for my husband to become aroused. (Sometimes, I only have to look at him.) After he became erect, I applied a small amount to my finger and rubbed it over his shaft. He said he experienced a numbing sensation that was strange but not unpleasant. We didn't want to use too much the first time so I didn't apply anymore. I figured that way he would have some feeling left.

It definitely decreased his sensitivity when I performed oral sex although I found that it had the added benefit of stopping my gag reflex. I have heard of applying a desensitizing cream to the back of your tongue or throat to kill the gag reflex and it definitely worked for that. He maintained his erection through a lot of foreplay and two of my orgasms.

When it was time for my husband to finish up and have his orgasm, it took a little work to get him off. You really have to watch that you don't use too much of the desensitizing cream on him. He said he had a little bit of the numb burning sensation afterward. I guess it wasn't too bad since we made sure we only used a little in the first place. We both washed off after we had sex and that seemed to do the trick.

We have used it once since then and we again made sure not to use too much. Overall, when used in moderation, I feel this is a pretty good product. I have used it numerous times to kill my gag reflex, and we gave it a try for some anal play. It really helped me during the anal play! I was able to relax and enjoy it a little more.

[Editor's note: using desensitizing creams and lubricants for anal penetration can be dangerous as it diminishes warning pains that otherwise could prevent injury. Additionally the same applies to numbing the gag reflex, thus lowering awareness of esophageal pain or injury.]

[Contributor's response: I agree with this editor's note that too much desensitizing can lead to pain and/or injury. However, when used in moderation, the elimination of pain so that pleasure can be experienced is a good thing.

Additionally, many more expensive products with Benzocaine 7.5% are marketed and sold for the express purpose of eliminating the gag reflex and easing the discomfort that can be associated with anal play. For the cost-conscience consumer, Durex's Play Longer is an inexpensive alternative to those other more-expensive products and delivers the same results as those more-expensive brands.

Finally, Benzocaine is the leading ingredient in tooth and gum pain topicals such as the brand Orajel. The amount of Benzocaine in these products usually ranges from 7.5% for soothing teething in infants (Baby Orajel) up to 20% for adults (Maximum Strength Orajel) for toothaches and mouth sores. http://www.orajel.com/products.htm | Orajel Website

FYI: I have recently been told by friends that it can be applied to skin for plucking eyebrows and pulling splinters. I will try this and let you know how it goes.
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  • Lithaewyn
    Do you think it would be possible to use less and less of the product as to "wean" yourself into giving oral without it?
  • Sex Tiger
    I don't see why you couldn't try weaning yourself. The gag reflex is different for everyone. Sometimes I have trouble swallowing my vitamins! My gag reflex is definitely worse in the morning, too.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    It's interesting your note about Orajel.. I always thought it was too runny and messy but I imagine this is thicker. You didn't really touch on the thickness so would you call it a cream? It's also billed as a lube, does it work well as a lube by itself or did you use lube as well? If so, does using lube minimize the numbing effect?
  • Sex Tiger
    We always use an additional lube so I really don't know if it decreased the numbing effect.
  • Sex Tiger
    I have continued to use this desensitizing cream and I still like the effect that it has in numbing my gag reflex.
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • bayosgirl
  • xOhxSoxScandalousx
    Thanks for the review!
  • xxxbluexxx
    thanks for the review
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